The Mans Decree Chapter 3024

Disbelief was written all over Kai’s face, for he didn’t expect the old demon to make such an accurate judgment. Right then, the black mist exploded, unleashing a thunderous boom and shockwave. Kai grunted in pain as he crashed into the palace like a falling meteorite.

The huge impact from the crash caused the ground to collapse instantly. An area with a radius of a hundred meters within the palace was utterly destroyed, with smoke rising into the air.

“Hmph, how dare someone as weak as you behave so arrogantly?” the old demon sneered. He knew from his palm strike that Kai wasn’t using an illusion spell, for he could feel Kai’s real body upon impact. If it were an illusion spell, my attack would have struck thin air.

“Mr. Chance…”

When Cloud, Kaison, and the others saw Kai sink into the ground from the blow he was dealt, all of them gasped.

At the same time, Sunny, Cameron, and the others began to activate their techniques and prepare for battle despite the shock on their faces. If Kai couldn’t defeat the old demon, they would have no choice but to take him on.

At the very least, they would die a quick death in battle, which was much better than being tortured endlessly in the event of their capture. When the old demon saw the dust thrown up from the impact, a smirk emerged across his face.

Just as he was about to go down and take a closer look, Kai suddenly flew out of the cloud of dust, unleashing another punch at the former.

“Sacred Light Fist.”

Once again, a golden light illuminated the entire space around them. The sight of Kai unscathed astonished everyone, triggering looks of elation on the faces of Cloud, Kaison, and the others.

“Amazing. I can’t believe how robust his body is,” Cameron remarked in awe. The fact that Kai survived stunned the old demon, who subsequently shook his head and formed a seal with both hands. Thereafter, thick plumes of black smoke began to rise, but Kai leaped into the air and fired another punch.

This time, the old demon intercepted it with a palm strike that, once again, sent Kai crashing deep into the ground.

“Your attack is no different from an itch of mine,” the old demon mocked. The reason he dared to face Kai’s punch head-on was that he didn’t see it as a threat at all.

Furthermore, the black mist floating around the old demon also acted as a defensive shield. It dissipated most of the power of Kai’s fist when it landed, preventing Kai from dealing any damage to the old demon.

As Cloud and the others watched from a distance, all they saw was Kai being buried into the ground again after being hit, a sight that caused them to grow anxious and their hearts to sink. Are we destined to die even if we sacrificed everything?

A sense of pessimism began to weigh down on the group of cultivators. By then, the entire palace had been reduced to rubble.

Nevertheless, Kai sprang up from beneath it, looking no different from before. It was as if the two palm strikes didn’t manage to hurt him at all. Once again, everyone was blown away by the scene.

Kai should have been killed by the two attacks. Even if he wasn’t, he should, at the very least, be gravely injured. Yet he appears to be entirely unharmed. As his Golem Body continued to emit a golden shimmer, a sharp and fearless glint flashed across Kai’s eyes.

The sight of Kai before him triggered a furrow of the old demon’s brows. He found it outrageous that Kai had survived two of his palm strikes unscathed.

“Come at me again, you old fogey. It looks like you’re not as strong as you make yourself out to be,” Kai provoked the old demon, infuriating him.

Meanwhile, the Five Slayers, who were watching nearby, were filled with disbelief. Even though the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators had combined with Kai, the physical body was still Kai’s.

There isn’t a scratch on his body despite the devastating attacks. Isn’t it ridiculous?


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