The Mans Decree Chapter 3026

Moreover, the old demon was also shocked that a lowly Body Fusion Realm cultivator knew Spirit Divider, too. After Cameron’s primordial spirit returned to his body from his use of Spirit Divider, he desperately gasped for air while his face lost all color.

Spirit Divider was a secret technique of the Nesser family, but he had no choice but to unveil it then. Unfortunately, the old demon was just too strong. Even with Spirit Divider, Cameron was only able to cut the former and failed to rescue Kai.

“Die!” The old demon was outraged that a lowly Body Fusion Realm cultivator had managed to wound him. Raising his hand, he fired off a raging black mist in Cameron’s direction. Given how weak Cameron was at that moment, the attack was enough to annihilate him.


Meanwhile, Sunny and the others unleashed. their aura to shield Cameron within it. They intended to use their combined powers to resist the old demon’s attack.

Boom! The moment the attack struck Cameron, he spewed a mouthful of blood and felt as if he was about to be crushed.

Right when Cameron was on the brink of collapse, and the others couldn’t resist any longer, a green glow suddenly encapsulated Cameron within it.

The green light exuded a harmonious aura and shielded Cameron from the black mist’s attacks. In spite of that, Cameron was still thrown back and suffered grievous injuries. Brows slightly furrowed, the old demon fired.

out another barrage of black mists. Amidst the thunderous rumble, the black mists were pushed back upon impact on the green glow.

However, Cameron was still repeatedly thrown. backward by the shockwaves until he finally crashed into the ruins of the palace.

“The light of a green dragon? Where did it come from?” The old demon was shocked and couldn’t fathom the sudden appearance of the radiant green light.

Everyone else was equally puzzled, as they had no idea who had come to their rescue. Nevertheless, Cameron was still alive, albeit heavily injured, while saving Kai was now impossible.

“No one is coming to save you, kid. Let’s see if you can keep up that snarky attitude of yours once I break your neck.”

Worried that dragging out the matter would have unpredictable consequences, the old demon decided to kill Kai first.

The sudden appearance of the green glow had triggered a sense of dread within him. “I told you. You can’t kill me, yet you refuse to believe it,” Kai reiterated with a faint grin.

“No way that’s true.” With a curl of his lips, the old demon snapped. Kai’s neck forcefully. The sight of Kai’s lifeless body elicited hearty laughter from him.

“Mr. Chance…”

Having witnessed the scene, Cloud and Kaison were filled with sorrow and anger, while the rest of the cultivators were overwhelmed with despair.

Now that Kai was dead, they knew they would be joining him soon. However, Kai slowly walked out of the huge crater that he crashed into earlier.

“Like I said, you old fogey. You can’t kill me.” Kai stared at the old demon with a smirk. His sudden appearance astounded everyone.

“How… How is this possible?” Filled with disbelief, the old demon turned to look at the Kai he was holding, which subsequently disappeared.

“Ah… An illusion spell. Don’t tell me this is another one of them?” the old demon roared, assuming that he was trapped in an illusion array.

However, the old demon had an epiphany a short while later and stared daggers at Kai. “This isn’t an illusion spell. It doesn’t feel like it at all.”

“Who told you it was an illusion spell? Can’t it be Clone Technique?” Kai retorted with a smirk. Upon regaining control of his body, Kai activated Nine Shadows and conjured up shadow clones.

With the elder’s support, his shadow clones were indistinguishable from his actual body. They could also last a lot longer than usual.

That was the reason why the old demon failed to hurt Kai with his two palm strikes. Every one of them had landed on a different shadow clone.


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