The Mans Decree Chapter 3028

Slowly, the dark fog started to condense. One after another, giant monsters in every shape rushed out from the dark fog, charging. toward the old demon as though eager to aid him to escape.

Kai’s lips curved into a sneer at the scene. His hand, holding the Demon Flogger, suddenly. burst into flame. The flame consumed the Demon Flogger, lighting it brightly. At the same time, the runes on the old demon’s body also burst into flames.

The demon beast, which morphed from the dark fog, shrieked in pain when they felt the lick of the flames. Their bodies dispersed and returned to the dark blanket of fog.

The old demon continued to struggle, but it was in vain. The Demon Flogger’s powers. coincidently restricted his technique.

As the Demon Flogger swung, every type of spiritual energy and nascence power in his body flowed out of him as though being drained. At long last, the old demon’s struggle ended as if he had given up. Seeing the old demon finally stop struggling. Kai let out a breath of relief.

“We succeeded…”

Joy filled Kai. Delight filled the rest when they witnessed the defeat of the demon, knowing they had survived from the brink of death. Meanwhile, the Five Slayers’ expressions darkened.

They wanted to flee but were too scared to move. Since even the old demon was defeated, they knew they would not have the chance to escape.

The old demon watched the gleeful expression on Kai’s face and snorted. “It’s still too early for you to celebrate. Even if I’m being restrained now and don’t have the power to retaliate, you still can’t kill me.”

“I don’t believe that. With the Demon Flogger in hand, I’m sure I can kill you.”

Kai swung the Demon Flogger, whipping the old demon. “Weren’t you undefeatable a while ago? Now, do you finally realize my prowess?”

Kai swung the flogger, landing whip after whip on the old demon’s body. Power laced his every stroke. Ferocity marred the old demon’s face. Even though he looked in pain, he did not die even after sustaining so much flogging.

Kai’s breathing turned ragged from the exertion. The spiritual energy he replenished. earlier had been exhausted.

“You can stop now. You won’t kill him this way. Let me,” Eamon, the elder of Archaic Body cultivators, said. Kai released the control of his body to him and merely stood there quietly, unmoving, as though pondering something.

“Since you possess numerous magecrafts, I’ll choose one and show you. Remember to watch my every move. It might be of help to you,” the elder reminded Kai.

He stretched his arms over his head with palms facing the sky as if lifting something. Suddenly, a massive hand appeared in mid air. Lightning bolts flashed, and thunders rumbled in the middle of the gigantic palm.

“Thunder Palm!”

With a roar, the gigantic palm began to descend toward them. It was Kai’s first time unleashing Thunder Palm after comprehending lightning nascence. Thunder Palm would surely be more lethal with the boost of lightning nascence.

Moreover, the elder was the one who unleashed Thunder Palm personally while Kai silently. observed from the side.

Boom! The loud rumble of thunders sounded as though the world was about to crack open. The palm continued to descend toward them. Even the void began to distort from the immense pressure.

Everyone stared dazedly at the enormous hand drawing closer from the sky. In their eyes, it was a technique immortals used.

As the palm crept closer, numerous lightning clashed. Each time one struck the ground, an abyss would form in the earth.

The old demon suffered intensified pain when more lightning nascence struck him. Kai studied everything closely, unwilling to miss even the smallest detail.

He knew it was probably the last time he could learn directly from someone in his lifetime.


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