The Mans Decree Chapter 3030

Kai was equally shocked. He did not expect the elder to be able to unleash the ultimate power of Nine Shadows.

“Sir, you’re amazing! I can’t believe you. managed to carry out the ultimate attack of Nine Shadows!” Kai exclaimed in surprise.

However, the elder let out a sigh and replied, “I have yet to master the ultimate move of this sword technique that has been passed down for thousands of years. At its limit, Nine Shadows would not result in any shadow clones.”

Baffled by the elder’s words, Kai asked, “Sir, what do you mean by that?”

“All things return to oneness. If one is able to fully master Nine Shadows, activating the technique would not result in nine shadow clones. Instead, you would receive nine lives…” the elder explained slowly.


Kai was in utter shock after hearing what the elder said and was at a loss for words. He had never imagined that, by mastering Nine Shadows, one would be able to have nine lives! That sounds too good to be true!

Without waiting for Kai to reply, the elder lifted the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other nine Kais followed suit, pointing their swords at the old demon. “Do you really think that we are just illusions?” Kai asked his opponent.

Shock was written all over the old demon’s face. Reeling in disbelief, he could clearly feel the aura emitted from the swords charging toward him!

“What’s going on? What exactly is going on?”

The old demon felt as if he was about to lose his mind! He was unable to fathom how Kai, a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, came to possess such an ancient sword technique.

Where on earth did this fella learn all these techniques? The sword beam from the ten swords sent a tingling sensation through the old demon’s entire body. Already in a weakened state, it was impossible for him to withstand the incoming attack!

At that moment, he fully regretted not taking Kai seriously right from the start. He had assumed that, even with a strong build, a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator would not be able to cause him any harm.

However, from the looks of it, not only did Kai have a robust body, but he also possessed a wealth of ancient techniques that were deadly.

“Die!” Kai bellowed, Right after his voice sounded, the ten Dragonslayer Swords arced through the air simultaneously. However, Kai’s spiritual energy, nascence aura, and the Power of Dragons were all activated at once!

Even though the nine other shadow clones were exact replicas of Kai, only his true form was able to provide the energy for the attack.

Having to support his nine clones, the man’s energy was rapidly decreasing. However, the power unleashed by him was also immense!

Kai could clearly feel his energy draining away from his body as if he had been completely hollowed out. Despite that being the case, he was confident that the attack was enough to exterminate the old demon.

Ten lights cut across the air and sped toward the old demon. The old demon was not about to go down without putting up a fight. As he let out a furious roar, the dark fog started to gather around him, acting as a defensive shield.

However, his efforts were completely futile, as nothing was able to stop the swords from advancing.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The old demon’s eyes widened as the ten lights pierced through his body. He had never expected himself to be defeated by a Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator.

In fact, even Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators like Typhon were nothing more than mere ants in his eyes, not to mention Kai, a cultivator of a lower level.

However, he was indeed defeated by someone whom he had regarded as an insignificant being! The old demon was hacked into multiple pieces by the ten sword beams, and not a single area. of his body was left unscathed..

Instead of reconstructing his flesh, the old demon was currently reduced to a pulp!

The rune that was binding the old demon started to vanish. At the same time, the surrounding dark fog was also swiftly dissipating.

Although no one was speaking, everyone had excited expressions on their faces.


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