The Mans Decree Chapter 3031

At that moment, only ruins remained, and the old demon’s body was fading as if it would disappear immediately with the slightest touch.

While Kai was pointing his sword at the old demon, the former’s Nine Shadow Clones had also disappeared.

Kai was no longer strong enough to maintain those shadow clones. However, it seemed as though everything was about to end soon.

“You’re amazing, Mr. Chancel”

“Kai won! He won!” Cloud and Sunny cheered joyfully, Kai’s victory meant that they could get out of there alive.

The Five Slayers were devastated by the scene before their eyes. The old demon is doomed, and so are we! When matters regarding the Demon Seal Alliance get out, we and the entire Demon Seal Alliance will get hunted down and cast aside!

“We should flee while the old demon is still alive. At this moment, those few might not notice us fleeing,” Phaethon said to Typhon. “That’s right. Let’s just run. If the old demon dies, we’ll be next!” Woodley was panicking, and he was eager to escape.

Surprisingly, Typhon, who was initially nervous and stunned, grinned with a cold look in his eyes.

“Why should we run? Do you guys think I can be killed that easily?” Typhon uttered calmly.

“Typhon, why are you still trying to show off at such a time? If even the old demon has failed, what makes you think we can win? If you want to stay here, you’re on your own. I don’t want to die with you!” Phaethon grew anxious. What’s the matter with him? How could he show off at a time like this?

Right when Phaethon was about to turn and leave, Typhon suddenly grabbed Phaethon’s collar and warned in a cold tone, “No one’s leaving without me!”

Phaethon’s expression changed instantly, and he tried to break free. However, he soon realized breaking free from Typhon’s grip was impossible.

Phaethon was dumbfounded. He’s only as strong as I am. What’s going on? Just then, Woodley seemed to have noticed something, so he patted Phaethon and advised, “Let’s just stay. Perhaps things are about to turn around.”

Hearing that, Phaethon quickly became quiet.

Meanwhile, Kai pointed his sword at the old demon, who was on the verge of dying. At that point, Kai knew that killing the old demon would be a piece of cake. The old demon’s soul remnant will vanish from this world completely! At the same time, the world he has created will crumble, and things around here will change!

“Brother, don’t blame me for being cruel. Everyone is bound to die one day. Even immortals will vanish sooner or later. There’s no such thing as living forever. Accept your fate…” the elder said while looking at the dying old demon.

In response, the old demon lowered his head and kept mum because he was too weak to speak. Afterward, Kai swung his Dragonslayer Sword. A ray of light was emitted, and it struck the old demon’s body.

The old demon didn’t struggle or yelp in pain. His body turned into a cloud of black mist and faded away.

“Phew! It’s finally over.” Kai let out a long sigh. I’m so drained! If I couldn’t kill that old demon just now, I wouldn’t know what else to do next!

Cloud, Sunny, and Cameron all heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that the old demon had died, and they were all filled with anticipation. The entire hall fell silent as everyone seemed to be waiting for something to happen. However, even after some time, nothing had changed.

By then, Kai couldn’t help furrowing his brows. Logically, the world the old demon created is supposed to crumble after he dies. After that, the world the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators created will remain! Yet, nothing seems to have changed in the void! Moreover, I don’t see a sign of the world collapsing!


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