The Mans Decree Chapter 3034

“Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Now, it all depends on your comprehension ability. There are three types of illusion spells, namely Eyes Blinding, Heart Blinding, and Mind Blinding,” the elder revealed.

“Eyes Blinding, Heart Blinding, and Mind. Blinding?” Kai was confused. Although he knew quite a bit about casting illusion spells, no one had ever explained it in detail to him.

Kai’s interest was piqued when he heard the elder’s words. I never had an expert explaining things like that to me!

Since the elder was an expert in casting illusion spells, Kai made sure to pay attention to the explanation.

“An Eyes Blinding spell is an illusion spell that can blind your eyes and mislead you with the things you see. It creates an illusion to make you think you’re somewhere else. Think of it this way. Magicians could be said to be using this illusion spell to trick the audience. They can make the audience believe whatever they see. Heart Blinding spell is an illusion spell that messes with your emotions.

You’ll think of things that aren’t there or do things without any emotions. That’s how hypnosis works. A hypnotized person will answer whatever question is asked. Mind Blinding spells are the hardest to cast. It blinds a person’s mind and sensibility. Even though you’re wide awake and everyone’s telling you that you’re wrong, you’ll deeply believe in what you think is right.

This scenario can be seen in success talks. Those presenters will use words to prevent the audience from thinking straight. As a result, the audience will believe in whatever the presenter says. Once a person is under such a spell, they’ll refuse to believe in the advice others give.

That’s the highest form of a Mind Blinding spell. If you can cast such a spell, you won’t even need to fight your opponents sometimes. All you need to do is tell your opponents to end themselves, and they’ll listen because they’ll think you’re their master. I’m using layman’s terms to explain these spells to you. I hope you can understand what I mean,” the elder explained.

Kai was beyond astonished. Who would’ve thought that an elder of the Archaic Body cultivators would have such knowledge? He knows about magicians, hypnosis, and even success talks! Did he learn that from the mundane world? Wait… That’s not important now. What’s important is that I’ve actually learned a lot!

“Sir, what are we supposed to do now?” Kai asked the elder.

“Now, we need to calm our minds. If our enemy doesn’t move, we’ll stay still. We’ve used up a lot of our spiritual energy. We can’t afford to waste more of it,” the elder answered. Kai nodded and sat perfectly still with his legs crossed. Gradually, he began to regain his strength.

When the old demon saw that Kai had calmed down and sat perfectly still, he knew the elder had told Kai to do so.

Thus, the old demon waved his hand in the air. Suddenly, a strong wave of aura broke through. the thick cloud of black mist and shot toward Kai.

Whoosh! The wave of aura was as quick as lightning, and it arrived before Kai in no time. Startled, Kai swiftly jumped into the air and dodged the wave of aura.

As soon as he had done that, a few demon beasts appeared around him and started attacking him. Kai furrowed his brows and kept dodging the demon beasts’ attacks. At the same time, he constantly threw punches at the demon beasts.

After he had defeated all the demon beasts, Kai noticed his strength had dropped. significantly.

“F*ck! I wasted my energy!” Kai cursed.

“I’ve already told you the principles of illusion spells. Now, your senses are blinded. What you see may not be real, and your thoughts might be misleading,” the elder said slowly.

Upon hearing that, Kai was stunned, and he was deep in thought. Soon, Kai’s eyes lit up. “Sir, I get it now…”

At that moment, Kai seemed to have understood what was going on.


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