The Mans Decree Chapter 3035

Kai propped himself up to sit upright as he quietly regained his strength. Right then, multiple spells appeared in the blanket of dark fog, aiming only at Kai and launching various attacks at him.

Kai sat there quietly and watched all types of attacks unfolding before his eyes, trying hard to remain composed and control his mind.

The magecrafts were performed right before his eyes. When he saw that he was about to be drowned by them, his body wriggled as a reflex action to dodge.

“Stay calm,” the elderly man said all of a sudden. Kai maintained his composure and watched his opponent’s spells hit him. However, Kai did not feel the attacks. The spells seemed to have vanished instantly.

It was then that he finally realized that the illusion spells could not harm him in any tangible way. He was under the influence of the Heart Blinding spell. That was why he had instinctively moved his body to avoid any attacks he saw coming his way and had absolutely no consideration for other things.

If the series of attacks persisted, Kai would continue to avoid them. In that scenario, he might end up exhausting himself to death even if he was not beaten to a pulp.

The old demon furrowed his brow as he observed Kai, who stayed still like a statue. The latter was completely unaffected by the various spells aimed at him. Shortly after, various demon beasts emerged from the dark fog.

They appeared in all shapes and sizes, each. bearing a terrifying appearance. One after another, they marched toward Kai with their bloody mouths open. The old demon planned to use the demon beasts to scare Kai to his core.

However, Kai closed his eyes, refusing to look at the demon beasts any longer. No matter how close they got, he remained unfazed.

“Sir, while we are safe in this illusionary realm, I’m afraid it’s impossible for my current stamina to withstand the old demon’s attack. When he realizes that the illusionary realm is of no use to us, he will surely unleash another attack. What should we do then?” Kai asked, his tone filled with worry.

He had little energy remaining, making it nearly impossible for him to battle the old demon. The elderly man remained silent for a moment before speaking. “Actually, you haven’t tapped into a specific power yet.”

Kai asked right away, “What power? Is it illusion nascence?” Indeed, I didn’t use illusion nascence. I didn’t use any illusion spells during the battle, after all.

The elderly man shook his head. “The Power of Dragons. As Golden Dragon’s True Form, your body certainly possesses a lot of power.”

Kai took a glance at the draconic essence on his chest and uttered helplessly, “I’ve used the Power of Dragons, and there’s not much draconic essence left.”

“Although your draconic essence no longer holds the Power of Dragons, don’t forget that you’ve always had the primordial spirit of a green dragon within your consciousness field. Isn’t now the best time to use it? Do you know how much Power of Dragons can be converted from a dragon’s primordial spirit?” the elderly man reminded Kai.

Kai was stunned at his words, for the green dragon’s primordial spirit had saved him umpteen times. Although he had never interacted with it, the green dragon’s primordial spirit would immediately show up each time he called upon it.

Now that the elderly man was actually asking him to absorb and convert the green dragon’s primordial spirit, he couldn’t really accept it.

“What’s wrong? Are you hesitating? If you die, everything in your consciousness field will vanish into thin air.”

The elderly man knew Kai was reluctant to do so.

“Sir, I…”

Kai started speaking, but he was apprehensive about making a final decision. He had always been regarded as the son of a dragon. All Divine Dragons were like family to him. There was no way he could bring himself to absorb the green dragon’s primordial spirit.

If he possessed greater power, there might be a way for him to be resurrected as long as the primordial spirit remained. Conversely, if the primordial spirit were gone, everything would vanish totally.


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