The Mans Decree Chapter 3036

When the elderly man saw that Kai was hesitating, he spoke directly to the green: dragon’s primordial spirit instead. “Speak up, dragon. Are you willing to sacrifice your primordial spirit? If Kai dies, so does your primordial spirit. However, if you offer it to Kai, we still stand a chance of winning this fight.”

Kai was stunned to see the elderly man speaking with the dragon. He had absolutely no idea that one could communicate with the green dragon’s primordial spirit.

He had been treating the primordial spirit as a mere weapon, never once considering that the spirit had a mind of its own too. Kai was still dazed in shock when the green dragon’s primordial spirit moved.

“It’s my honor to be of help to you.” The green dragon’s primordial spirit slowly. opened its mouth and spoke. Its voice was as loud as thunder.

“See, Kai, the dragon has agreed. You can now absorb its primordial spirit and prepare for battle!” said the elderly man.

However, Kai remained indifferent as he stared blankly at the green dragon’s primordial spirit with mixed emotions.

“Sir, since you have a mind of your own, do you happen to know who my father is? I’m sure you know him, right?” Kai was starting to get all worked up. At that moment, he truly wanted to find out if his father was a Draconian.

The green dragon nodded and replied, “Of course, I do. However, I can’t tell you just yet. You must be alive and well, for you are the last hope of the Draconians. Now, swallow my primordial spirit so that your draconic essence will once again be filled with the Power of Dragons.”

Kai shook his head. “No, even if it means my death, I will never swallow your primordial spirit. I absolutely refuse to do that.”

He could not bring himself to do it. Although he had not interacted directly with the green dragon’s primordial spirit, it had, in fact, saved him and ensured his safe escape multiple times. There was no way Kai would ever swallow the green dragon’s primordial spirit.

“Hey, kid, why are you being as stubborn as a mule? Do you really want to face death and drag everyone down with you?” the elderly mant shouted at Kai.

Kai did not respond. A faint aura was circulating within his body, gradually gaining strength.

He was actually conserving the last bit of energy left in his body. Eventually, he would unleash it all and sacrifice his blood essence to fight the old demon to the bitter end.

“You’re insane! You’re really a lunatic!”

The elderly man felt so helpless, for he did not expect Kai to be so stubborn. On the contrary, the green dragon guffawed.

“The Divine Dragons have never relented in the face of adversity. Hahaha!”

“How are you still laughing when we’re on the brink of death? If my brother gets out of here, I fear it will lead to a bloodbath out there, and Archaic Body cultivators like us will undoubtedly encounter numerous challenges.” The elderly man was extremely concerned.

If the old demon were to escape, he would forcibly seize control of the entire Archaic Body Cultivation clan and make them cultivate the demonic technique. The whole Archaic Body Cultivation clan would be wiped out in no time.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. The outcome might. not be as bad as you imagine if we work together.”

The green dragon gazed confidently at the elderly man. The latter seemed to have caught something. from the green dragon’s look. He flashed a faint smile and then forcefully separated his mind from Kai.

Gradually, the elderly man’s body reappeared,. leaving Kai bewildered. Why is he doing this at this critical moment?

“What are you doing, Sir?” Kai was totally baffled.

“Even if our two forces merge into one, there’s no way we can defeat my brother. We might as well part ways. Perhaps we have a chance to survive, the elderly man said.

Kai could not comprehend a single word of what the elderly man was saying. If we can’t unite as one, does it imply that we’ll be fine if we each go our separate ways? The elderly man is just a soul remnant, and his combat power will be significantly reduced without a physical body!


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