The Mans Decree Chapter 3037

However, the elderly man didn’t care if Kai understood him. All he did was stare at the black fog around him. He said, “I know you’ve been wanting to kill me, and I will give you the chance to do so, brother. However, I hope you’ll spare the others once you take my life. Your Ice Soul Pill is gone. Even if you kill them now, it won’t do you any good.”

The old demon frowned. I don’t understand. Is this a trap or something? As his little brother didn’t react, the elderly man continued, “Do you think you can trap us here with this illusionary realm? If you do, I suggest you stop daydreaming. You’re not afraid of my soul remnant now, are you?”

He continued to provoke his brother, attempting to force the latter to show up.

“Have you thought of another dirty trick to use against me, brother? Well, let me tell you. something. I won’t fall for it. Although this illusionary realm won’t kill you, I can destroy my world. When that happens, a void crack will appear in this spot. Once you’re sucked inside, the temporal disturbance there will wipe you out.” The old demon seemed to have grown smarter and wasn’t planning to show himself.

“Since you’re so afraid, I suppose there’s no need for me to speak further. I’m dying anyway. I guess there’s no point for me to hold on to this any longer…” As the elderly man spoke, he removed an emerald badge from his pocket.

That was the emerald badge Kai had handed the elderly man when he met him. It was the true key to unlocking the treasure.

When the old demon saw the emerald badge, his eyes sparkled. “The God King Seal belonging to the Archaic Body cultivators? Why do you have it?”

In the thousands of years they had been in that world, the old demon had never seen his elder brother possessing that item. Long ago, he had opposed his elder brother because he wished to obtain the God King Seal and become the supreme ruler of the Archaic Body cultivators.

Yet, they had ended up perishing together. He had never seen the God King Seal before, and now his elder brother had just pulled it out so casually. Kai looked at the emerald badge, not expecting it to be even more important to the Archaic Body cultivators.

“You’ve always wanted this and to become the ruler of the Archaic Body cultivators, right? Well, here you go.” The elderly man lifted the God. King Seal, waiting for his brother to take it. The old demon frowned as he struggled internally.

In the end, he inhaled deeply and decided to seize the God King Seal. He believed he needn’t be afraid of his brother or Kai because they posed no threat to him. Kai watched everything unfold silently, confused as to why the elderly man was doing that.

It was obvious that the elderly man was luring his brother into the illusionary realm. However, even if that plan succeeded, what could the elderly man or Kai do?

Kai squeezed out every energy left in his body while gripping his Dragonslayer Sword. In the dark fog, Kai suddenly detected the old demon’s aura. He actually came in!

He felt the green dragon’s primordial spirit moving within his consciousness field. He had no idea what the elderly man and the green dragon’s primordial spirit were attempting to accomplish.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Footsteps could be heard as the old demon strolled into the illusionary realm.

At that moment, the old demon was still on his guard. He fixed his gaze on Kai and his brother and demanded, “Hand the God King Seal to me, brother. I promise I won’t squash these pathetic ants.”

“How am I supposed to trust you? What if you fail to uphold your end of the bargain once the God King Seal is in your possession?” asked the elderly man.

“I’m a man of my word. I won’t break my promise. But since you doubt me, what shall I do to earn your trust?” The old demon glowered at his brother.

“Release these people, and you’ll have the God King Seal,” said the elderly man.


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