The Mans Decree Chapter 3038

“Sure. These ants are worthless to me anyway. I’ll set them free now.” The old demon waved his hand, and the entire space began to shake. Gradually, the black fog dispersed.

Just as the elderly man thought his brother wouldn’t break the promise, a shadow came toward him and grabbed the God King Seal.

“Hmph! Do you think I didn’t foresee this?” the elderly man scoffed and retreated rapidly. When Kai saw that, he swung his blade, intending to stop the old demon.

Upon spotting Kai, who was on the verge of collapsing, the old demon sneered, “Pathetic thing, you dare attempt to stop me in that state?”

The old demon waved his hand, shooting a cloud of black energy at Kai. Kai defended himself and was launched back in an instant.

Even if Kai and the elderly man merged forces, he still wouldn’t be able to stand his ground against the old demon. He was weak now, and wanting to stop the old demon was a pipe dream.

The instant Kai was sent flying back, the green dragon’s primordial spirit flew out of his consciousness field. The old demon didn’t notice that, as he was only focusing on Kai and the elderly man.

“Cease your pointless resistance! Hand over the God King Seal, and I will grant you two swift deaths!” sneered the old demon.

“You’re too careless, brother. Your arrogance will be your downfall!” The elderly man spoke calmly upon spotting the green dragon’s primordial spirit. The old demon panicked. “What do you mean by that? Do you still have an ace up your sleeve?”

The old demon didn’t believe his brother still had a trump card. “Of course I do. Why else would I have lured you into this illusionary realm?” The elderly mant grinned.

Soon, the old demon sensed a frightening aura coming from behind him. When he turned around, he saw a giant green dragon flying toward him with its mouth wide open. Startled, the old demon leaped away.

“What is this?” He was dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the dragon. He didn’t examine the dragon too closely. If he had, he would’ve discovered that the green dragon was only a primordial spirit and wasn’t very powerful.

Before the old demon could react, the green dragon had already wrapped itself around him tightly. Seeing that, the elderly man injected spiritual energy into the body of the green dragon’s primordial spirit.

The old demon roared. He did not expect a green dragon to pop out of nowhere.

“Quick! Use Demon Flogger!” shouted the elderly man. Kai instantly pulled out Demon Flogger. However, he hesitated to make his move.

At that moment, the green dragon’s primordial spirit was binding the old demon. If Kai attacked, the green dragon would be injured.

The old demon continued to struggle, his body releasing clouds of black fog. By then, he had realized the green dragon was only a primordial spirit. As such, he no longer feared his opponents.

“Hmph! You lot are delusional if you think you can control me!” the old demon scoffed, the power exploding from his body grew more and more terrifying.

Looking at the struggling primordial spirit, Kai gritted his teeth and lashed his target with Demon Flogger. Demon Flogger emitted a golden glow, binding. the green dragon and the old demon tightly..

The runes on Demon Flogger spun and stabbed into the old demon like needles, causing him to scowl. Since Demon Flogger targeted spiritual sense, he felt as though his head was about to explode. The green dragon’s primordial spirit was also being tormented by Demon Flogger.

Although Demon Flogger wasn’t that powerful against cultivators who weren’t demos, the green dragon didn’t have a real body. It was only a primordial spirit. Therefore, Demon Flogger was also very effective against it.


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