The Mans Decree Chapter 3040

The others had no idea what was going on, only that the ground suddenly shook and the wind. changed.

Kai and the others had been staying in the illusionary realm. Cameron and the others. outside couldn’t watch the battle and did not know that the old demon had been annihilated. “What’s going on? What is this?”

“I think this world’s about to fall apart! The landscape is changing rapidly!”

“Is it because the old demon is dead?”

The cultivators discussed among themselves anxiously. When the Five Slayers noticed the situation, they exchanged glances before vanishing into thin air.

No matter who won or lost, they had to escape. Even if the old demon emerged victorious, they wouldn’t have a good time.

Typhon was the best example. He had been abruptly possessed and had his divine soul crushed. At that moment, following the death of the old demon, the illusionary realm began to disappear.

Kai leaped with all his might to catch the falling light. When he studied the object, he discovered it was a white pearl. “Is this an Ice Soul Pill?” His eyes widened in shock.

When the old demon swallowed the Ice Soul Pill, it wasn’t perfect. There were black spots on it. However, the Ice Soul Pill in Kai’s palm appeared immaculate and radiated a holy white light.

“Is this the gift the green dragon mentioned?” Kai was overjoyed. Now that I have the Ice Soul Pill, I can complete my deal with the countess of Jipsdale!

Upon keeping the Ice Soul Pill, he walked out of the black fog. The crowd saw a golden light appearing from the black fog before they saw the figure of al person.

Everyone was anxious because if the winner of the battle was the old demon, they would be done for. Fortunately for them, the figure in question was Kai, not the old demon. They collectively released a sigh of relief. Soon, the black fog dispersed.

Cloud approached Kai and asked, “Where’s the old demon, Mr. Chance?” “He’s dead. This world’s about to collapse. We have to get out while we still can!” Kai said to the crowd.

The group was, naturally, delighted to hear that the old demon was dead and they could leave. No one asked about the treasure anymore because staying alive was their top priority.

The people started to flee, wanting to get out of there before the world completely collapsed. Cracks started forming everywhere they laid their eyes on.

“Where are the Five Slayers?” At that moment, Kai noticed the Five Slayers were gone. “They probably got away while we weren’t paying attention!” answered Cameron.

“Just ignore them. We’ll have a tough time dealing with them if they don’t run,” Sunny said. Indeed, it was the truth. After all, Kai was drained. It would be difficult to deal with the other four of the Five Slayers.

“All right, let’s not waste time!” Konce said. He was afraid they would be trapped forever if they couldn’t make it out before the world collapsed.

Everyone started moving. Kaison and Cloud guarded Kai on both sides. They could tell that Kai was in bad shape.

The scenery before the group kept shifting until they saw the white snowy plains. At that moment, they knew that they had completely exited the world. Once they were all outside, they took a deep breath, still shaken by the experience.

“You have our thanks, Kai. You’ve saved us multiple times. If you need anything in the future, just say the word and we’ll definitely answer your call for assistance. Now, we shall bid our goodbyes. See you around,” Sunny, Konce, and Lofton expressed their gratitude.


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