The Mans Decree Chapter 3041

They had finally managed to flee from the place. The treasure trove was nothing but a trap. Not only did they not get anything, but they even nearly died there. The three of therm planned to leave the far north, and perhaps never to return.

“Goodbye, Sirs,” Kai said. The three of them turned and left, their figures disappearing into the snowy plains. Right then, Cameron turned to Kai and said, “Regardless of what grudges we had previously, I owe you one this time. I’ll be leaving too, and I won’t forget how the Demon Seal Alliance has killed my son.”

“Farewell, Mr. Nesser,” Kai replied. Cameron left. He only had two servants behind him. He had come with dozens of people, but now, only three were leaving the place. Even his son had lost his life there. The treasure trove was nothing but a grim reaper’s den.

“Mr. Chance, we’ll be leaving too. We’ll never forget how you’ve saved our lives,” Beau also thanked Kai with the rest of the wandering cultivators.

Every one of the wandering cultivators had a cultivation level higher than Kai’s, but at that moment, they were all courteous and respectful toward him.

“Take care of yourselves and try your best to not travel alone. Now that the Five Slayers have escaped and the deeds of the Demon Seal Alliance have been revealed, they are sure to go after everyone who knows what happened here, so you’ll be in grave danger,” Kai cautioned the others.

Sunny’s group and Cameron had the power and status to protect them, unlike Beau and the wandering cultivators who mostly traveled alone. If the Demon Seal Alliance were to set their eyes on them, they would be killed.

“Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Chance. We’ll travel in groups. But you need to be careful too. The members of the Demon Seal Alliance are scattered across the Ethereal Realm, and they have eyes everywhere,” Beau reminded.

“The Demon Seal Alliance won’t dare to make any rash moves here up in the far north. If they dare to target Mr. Chance, the Tall family will certainly end their lives,” Kaison said. confidently. They would not sit idly by if the Demon Seal Alliance attempted to take Kai’s life.

There was no way Mason would let anything happen to Kai. Right as Kaison said that, an old man’s voice rang out. “We, the Archaic Body cultivators, won’t let anyone come after Mr. Chance here in the far north too.”

Not far from them, the leader of the Archaic Body cultivators ambled over. Behind him were Vasily, Vasker, and Viola.

“Mr. Ryder, what brings you here?” Kai was taken aback. When Kaison saw the Archaic Body cultivators, his expression stiffened. There were few of his men left. How could they emerge as victors if a fight were to break out?

However, Roman did not even spare Kaison a glance as he walked straight to Kai. “How was it? Did you get your hands on the treasure?” Roman asked.

Kai nodded. “I did.” Then, he took out the Archaic Body cultivators’ technique books and magical items from his Storage Ring..

Without hesitation, Roman took them and kept them away. Kai made no comments about that. After all, what he wanted was the Ice Soul Pill. Since he had that, he did not want the Archaic Body cultivators’ technique books and magical items as well.

“Did you get what you wanted?” Roman continued asking.

Kai nodded. “I did.”

The others around them could only blink in confusion, unable to comprehend what Roman and Kai were talking about.

“Kai, are you hurt?” Viola rushed over to hug Kai. “I’m fine,” he answered, patting her head gently. They had only been apart for a few days, but they made it seem as if it had been years.

“Come on, let’s go,” Roman said.

“Where to?” Kai had no idea where Roman wanted them to head to.

“To the Tall residence. Do you not want to go there?” Roman smiled.

“Let’s go,” Kai answered. Still, he was a little confused. Why would the Archaic Body cultivators’ leader want to go to the Tall residence?


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