The Mans Decree Chapter 3043

At that moment, Kai, Mason, and Roman were the only ones in the dining room. The table was filled with delectable dishes, and it was challenging for anyone to be able to prepare such a scrumptious meal in the far north.

“Mr. Chance, you must be wondering why the leader of the Archaic Body cultivators and I, the head of the Tall family, can sit at the same table and share a meal,” Mason started. Kai nodded. Indeed, he was curious.

“Mr. Chance, to be honest, if not for the appearance of demons in the far north, perhaps our groups might have continued fighting. However, the growing number of demons here means that we’ll be giving the demons an opportunity to thrive if we continue to fight against each other. During this treasure hunt, we’ve annihilated a large number of demons, and we even managed to kill two guardians of the Inferno Devil lineage. Now, the demons have clearly learned their lesson. This is all thanks to your contributions, Mr. Chance. Please let us express our gratitude toward you.”

Mason raised his glass, and so did Roman. Both of them were vastly more powerful beings than Kai, yet they were displaying a considerable amount of respect toward him.

“It’s our duty to fight against evil,” Kai replied. “You’re giving me too much credit, Mr. Mason. In reality, both the Tall family and the Archaic Body cultivators have made significant efforts to mend their relationships and cooperate in the fight against the demons. That deserves the utmost respect.”

The three grinned and raised their glasses in at toast to each other.

“Mr. Mason, Mr. Ryder, now that I’ve gotten the Ice Soul Pill, may I know the identity of the countess of Jipsdale now?”

Kai was immensely curious about who the countess really was, for she seemed to be well aware of most matters in the far north, the treasures of the Archaic Body cultivators, and even the Archaic Body cultivators’ God King Seal.

Most importantly, the countess even knew. about the existence of the Ice Soul Pill in the treasure trove, which was a secret of the Archaic Body cultivators. Mason and Roman shared a smile before shaking their heads.

“Mr. Chance, since you’ve obtained the Ice Soul Pill, why don’t you ask the countess herself?” Mason suggested. When Kai realized that the two were not going to reveal anything, he dropped the topic.

After the meal, Mason wanted to get Kai to stay for a night, but Kai wished to head back quickly. He wanted to bring the Ice Soul Pill back so that the countess of Jipsdale could cure Yuven as soon as possible.

Then, they would have to hurry back to Imperial Beast City to deal with Tigerus and regain control of the city. After that, Kai had to head to Norwal City to get back his Divine Bow.

At that time, Thunderhawk and the Demon Seal Alliance would be after him too. There were many things Kai had to deal with.

Seeing that Kai wanted to go back as soon as possible, Mason did not insist he stay. Kai, with Viola, Feenix, Aislin, and Cloud, bade farewell to the others.

“Mr. Mason, Mr. Ryder, we’ll part ways here. But there is still one thing that I need your help with.”

Kai told them about his search for Josephine. He had lost Josephine in the far north, so Mason and Roman were the best people to search for her.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chance. As long as your girlfriend hasn’t left this land, we’ll sure find her,” Mason said confidently.

“Although this land is wide, locating someone isn’t a major challenge for our people as long as your girlfriend wasn’t captured by the demons, Roman said.

Kai had no idea who had taken Josephine away and whether or not she was in any danger, but he had no time to stay in the far north to look for her.

At that moment, Quinley was looking at Kai from within the crowd. At some point, Kai had begun to occupy a special place in her heart..

“Quinley, do you want to come with us?” Feenix asked.


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