The Mans Decree Chapter 3044

They had already grown closer to Quinley Quinley merely smiled in silence. She knew that she would have to become one of Kai’s women if she went with him, but she was not.

“Master, why don’t you take Quinley in too?” Feenix asked. Kai choked on his saliva. “Don’t spout such nonsense, Feenix!”

How could she say such words when Quinley’s brother’s around? Quinley’s a person, not an item. I cannot make decisions on her behalf.

“Ms. Tall, Feenix speaks without thinking. I hope you don’t mind,” Kai hastily apologized. After their quick farewell, Kai’s group left. Kai was afraid that Feenix would say other startling remarks.

Quinley watched Kai leave with sorrow in her eyes. She, too, wanted to leave with him, but she knew not if Kai liked her, and she did not wish to part with her family.

“Kai, will we meet again?” Quinley shouted abruptly. Kai paused in his tracks and turned to look at her. “We will!”

He would definitely return to this place, for he had not found Josephine. Once he was done dealing with the other matters, he would return to look for her.

“Quinn, did you fall in love with Mr. Chance?” Mason asked, turning to his sister.

“What are you talking about?” Quinley denied.

“All right, you’re not fooling anyone with that look in your eyes. Anyway, it’s no surprise that geniuses like Kai attract many women. Remember, you have to fight for your own happiness, Mason said with a smile..

Knowing what her brother was telling her, Quinley nodded fervently.While Kai’s group was on their way back to Jipsdale, a distance away from the far north where the headquarters of the Demon Seal Alliance was, the leader of the alliance, Talcott Lefterov, was feeling anxious.

“Is there still no news from the Five Slayers?” Talcott asked grimly. “Not yet, Mr. Lefterov,” one of his subordinates. instantly replied. “It has been days! How can you not have any news on them? What are you even doing?” Talcott snapped.

For reasons unbeknownst to him, he had been feeling anxious. These underhanded plans they had put in place. would bring them shame and death if the public. found out about them.

The Demon Seal Alliance functioned by exterminating demons, upholding justice, and enlisting new members to strengthen its numbers. However, covertly, it colluded with the demons to provide them with a protective cover.

Of course, the demons would also help the Demon Seal Alliance get rid of their enemies and provide the alliance with a large amount of resources.

After all, the demons used to be one of the three major races, so they had an abundance of resources in their possession.

Nevertheless, if the public were to find out about this, the Demon Seal Alliance would have a hard time surviving in the Ethereal Realm.


Right as Talcott was feeling frustrated over the matter, someone ran in to make a report to him.

“What is it? Is it news of the Five Slayers?” Talcott hastily asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lefterov. Phaethon has sent a message. Typhon was killed, and they gained nothing. Now, they’re thinking of recuperating and recollecting themselves before intercepting. those who got the treasures,” Talcott’s subordinate replied.

“What? Typhon’s dead? How?”

Talcott was taken aback. After all, Typhon was a Body Fusion Realm cultivator at his peak who was about to break through to the realm of Tribulator. How could he have been killed so easily?

Furthermore, the Five Slayers had been together, so why was Typhon the only one who died? Talcott simply could not wrap his head around that.

“Mr. Lefterov, due to the limited time of the communication device, he wasn’t able to explain that,” Talcott’s subordinate answered.

“Inform the rest of the Five Slayers that they’ve been summoned. I have to interrogate them myself. This is ludicrous!”

Talcott feared that the rest of the Five Slayers were the ones who killed Typhon due to some kind of internal conflict. After all, Typhon was the strongest member of the Five Slayers, and others would be jealous of him.


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