The Mans Decree Chapter 3047

Yuven was worried about Kai’s safety at that moment. The audacity of the two to stop him sparked a fury in him that couldn’t be contained.

“You’re courting death!” Yuven roared, the very air around him twisting into a malevolent tornado, ready to tear everything in its path to shreds.

The man whose head was wrapped in a long scarf barely had time to react. He was obliterated in the whirlwind of aura Yuven released. Not even a corpse remained.

The other man froze in horror. “Bite him to death,” Yuven ordered, then. vanished at once. Dozens of demon beasts lunged at the other man.

Even toward their bitter end, they did not know who Yuven was. Meanwhile, Kai and the others were indeed in danger. They had almost made it out of the far north, only to find their path obstructed.

“You didn’t expect me to stop you here, did you?” Phaethon looked at them with a cold smirk. Although Phaethon stood alone, Kai could not relax. He had yet to recover. There was no way for him to deal with Phaethon.

Cloud was only a Seventh Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. He was hardly a match for Phaethon. As for young women like Viola, Feenix, and Aislin, they stood even less of a chance against Phaethon.

Even though Feenix had absorbed a heavenly thunder fruit, achieving Third Level Body Fusion Realm, she paled in comparison to Phaethon.

The heavenly thunder fruit had also enabled Aislin to advance to Fifth Level Manifestor. However, that was considered nothing in the Ethereal Realm.

“Is it just you? Where are your companions? Come on out!” Kai feigned nonchalance, itching to know if Phaethon had come alone.

“You needn’t worry about them. I’m all alone. They’re busy stopping the wandering cultivators and the Nessers. Now that you know about the secrets of the Demon Seal Alliance, there’s no way we’re letting you guys off the hook,”

Phaethon replied unabashedly, confident they were but fish on a chopping board, ready for the slaughter. “Mr. Chance, I’ll hold him off. You all go.” Cloud stood in front of Kai.

Among the group, he was probably the only one who stood a chance against Phaethon. Phaethon cast a derisive glance at Cloud and dismissed the latter with a wave of his hand.

He sent forth a ferocious wave of aura that sent ripples through the very fabric of the void. Cloud was sent hurtling backward, and blood spewed from his mouth.


Kai rushed forward to assess his condition. A wave of relief washed over him when he found that Cloud’s life was not in danger.

“Hmph! The audacity of a Seventh Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator to make such bold. claims!” Phaethon sneered. A tempest of rage swirled within Kai’s eyes as he looked at Phaethon.

It was a pity that his body was weak now and there was no way for him to fight with Phaethon. His condition would have improved significantly if he had rested in the Tall residence for a day, but he did not wish to waste more time.

He did not expect that the Five Slayers would dare to block them halfway. “Hand over everything you have, and I’ll make your deaths swift. If you refuse, I shall have my way with these girls after killing you,” Phaethon threatened, his smirk widening into a twisted. grin.

Feenix and the others grimaced at Phaethon’s words. “You think you’re worthy?” Feenix spat vehemently. “Even in death, we won’t give you the satisfaction!”

If she hadn’t been sent to the mundane world, stripped of her full potential, Phaethon wouldn’t even have had the chance to show off his power. She would have slapped him to death.

“Since the lot of you are not afraid of dying, let me fulfill your wish,” Phaethon said, raising his arms. A cataclysmic blaze engulfed the sky, threatening to consume everything.

It was as if the very heavens were ablaze.


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