The Mans Decree Chapter 3049

“Quinley, did you come after us because you couldn’t bear to part ways with Master? I told you a long time ago to come with us. Master is really kind. Don’t be fooled by the number of women he has. Even combined, we can’t satisfy him. You could help share the load.” Feenix spoke unabashedly in front of everyone, causing Quinley to feel utterly embarrassed.

After all, the latter was still an unmarried woman. Kai laughed in exasperation upon hearing Feenix’s remark.

Viola and Aislin blushed and lowered their heads, knowing full well that there wasn’t an ounce of falsehood in Feenix’s words. Kai is just too incredible!

“Feenix, shut your mouth and stop talking nonsense!” Kai glared at her. Witnessing that scene, Cloud, standing at one side, felt like banging his head against a wall in frustration. I’m also a man, but why don’t I have the same fortune as Kai?

“D*mn it! I can’t believe you’re still flirting when death is close at hand. Even if your reinforcement has arrived, it won’t change. anything!” Phaethon was livid upon seeing several beautiful women voluntarily gravitate to Kai.

“Aren’t you a daredevil? This is the far north, the Tall family’s territory! And yet you have the audacity to act so wildly here?” Quinley questioned Phaethon coldly.

“I see. So, you’re from the Tall family. Perhaps you’ve forgotten something. This place is on the edge of the far north territory. Does the Tall family’s influence stretch to this area? Besides, even if we’re in the far north, we, the Demon Seal Alliance, do not fear the Tall family. If you know what’s best for you, get lost! Otherwise, I’ll do away with you as well!” Even after learning Quinley’s identity, Phaethon was unfazed. We’re already at the border of the far north, so I have no reason to be afraid. Moreover, we, from the Demon Seal Alliance, are not intimated by the Tall family! We didn’t even hesitate to beat Kaison up previously.

“If you’re courting death, I’ll oblige. I’ll show you the might of the Tall family in the far north!” Quinley uttered icily. Then, she waved her hands and was soon wielding two swords formed of frost.

“Ms. Tall, this guy is much more powerful than you. You’re not his match!” Kai hurriedly warned Quinley.

Although Quinley was now a Sixth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, the difference in strength between her and Phaethon was still vast.

“Don’t worry. I have the ice crystal my brother gave me. It can counteract his flames perfectly. I have some ice soul fragments here, too. Quickly absorb them to recover. Otherwise, anyone could just bully you.” As Quinley spoke, she tossed Kai a bag that astonishingly contained more than a dozen ice soul fragments of varying sizes..

Kai gazed at her in surprise, baffled by how she had come to possess so many ice soul fragments.

“My brother gave them to me. After all, I couldn’t come after you empty-handed. Consider this my dowry,” Quinley said with a faint smile.

Mason’s advice had convinced Quinley to make the resolution of actively pursuing her happiness. Since Kai refused to make the first move, she decided to be proactive. Therefore, Quinley had given chase to Kai and his party.

Upon hearing the word “dowry,” Kai was momentarily taken aback as he was unsure of what he could offer Quinley in return. Marriage? I don’t think I can even give her a proper wedding. so how can I accept such a valuable dowry?

Sensing Kai’s hesitation, Quinley joked, “Just use them without worries. Even if you don’t want me, I won’t ask for the ice soul fragments back.”

Despite her teasing tone, Quinley had effectively expressed her genuine feelings. Kai nodded. With those ice soul fragments, he could indeed restore most of his strength. Although he might not necessarily be able to slay Phaethon, escaping would then be at breeze.

When Phaethon saw Quinley giving Kai so many ice soul fragments to recuperate, his eyes gleamed with greed.


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