The Mans Decree Chapter 3050

“It seems I’ll have to be serious this time. Once you all die, I’ll be rich!” Phaethon, his body enveloped in flames, dashed toward Quinley. Quinley narrowed her eyes. Showing no sign of panic, she soared into the air with her twin blades.

Phaethon once again used the same technique, clapping his hands to transform his flames into two demon beasts.

Quinley repeatedly swung the ice swords without holding back, sending out waves of frost and instantly freezing the two fiery demon beasts.

With the augmentation of the ice crystal, the frost techniques she utilized had clearly become more powerful. Perhaps that was also why Mason had insisted Quinley carry the ice crystal with her. He feared she might be faced with danger during her journey.

Having been restrained by the frost energy. Phaethon was infuriated. Kai seized the opportunity to swiftly absorb the ice soul fragments to recover. Cloud, Feenix, and Aislin protected Kai, as the latter couldn’t afford to face any mishaps at that moment.

In midair, Quinley and Phaethon continuously unleashed their techniques. As their fight dragged on, thunderous booms echoed. The surrounding weather shifted drastically, and the temperature fluctuated wildly.

Half the sky was painted red, while the other half was a cold, icy white. The two forces clashed and intertwined. Without the ice crystal, Quinley would’ve already been overwhelmed.

Seeing how things were progressing, Phaethon realized his stamina would be greatly drained, and Kai might recover soon. With a cold glint flitting across his eyes, he willed the flames covering his body to burn with higher intensity.

The next second, a silhouette emerged from the blaze and charged at Quinley. Without a second thought, Quinley shot her palm out, freezing the figure in an instant.

Quinley was slightly surprised because she didn’t expect Phaethon to be so easily frozen by her. However, as she reveled in her triumph, Feenix cried out, “Quinley, watch out!”

Quinley immediately felt a strong wind from behind. She wanted to dodge, but it was too late. Phaethon, who had circled behind her, landed at strike on her back. The figure that had rushed out from the flames earlier wasn’t Phaethon. Instead, it was merely an illusion.

Upon getting hit by the scorching palm strike, Quinley felt as if she was enveloped in a heatwave. She plummeted and crashed heavily on the ground.

“Quinley!” Feenix hurried over to check on Quinley. She noticed the latter’s back had a palmprint with tiny embers seeping into her. body. Quinley cultivated ice attribute techniques. The introduction of those flames to her body would definitely cause a rejection reaction.

The frost energy within Quinley resisted the invading fiery aura, resulting in a white mist. continuously gushing out from her back. Hovering in midair, Phaethon gazed down at the several people below smugly.

“Anyone who stops me will die. I can’t believe. weaklings like you all think you can stop me.” After saying that, he lunged at Kai.

Braving the intense pain, Quinley wielded her twin blades and leaped up to shield Kai. At that moment, she was the only one who could block Phaethon’s attack.


Phaethon snorted. With a wave of his hand, he brandished a fiery longsword. Two wounds appeared on Quinley’s body, staining her white robes red with blood.

Seeing that, Cloud and the others charged forward, not caring whether they were Phaethon’s match or not. They had to protect Kai because the latter was at his most vulnerable at that instant.

Soon, Cloud, Viola, and Feenix were also knocked back by Phaethon. Phaethon sneered at Kai before him. At that moment, Kai was focusing on absorbing the ice soul fragments’ power with his eyes closed.

“Die!” Phaethon raised the flaming longsword in his hand..

Aislin threw herself onto Kai at once. Even though she knew it was futile, she did it anyway because she would rather die with him.


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