The Mans Decree Chapter 3053


Suddenly, thunder rumbled, and a bolt of lightning tribulation descended from the sky. Kai was struck by the lightning tribulation, and he was now at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. Slowly, Kai opened his eyes, and a sharp glint flickered within them.

His aura underwent a transformation, signifying. another significant step in his growth. Each level increase marked a profound change for Kai.

“Kai!” The girls immediately surrounded him in delight. Yuven approached him and greeted politely, “You’re awake, Mr. Chance.” Kai was taken aback by Yuven’s presence. “Yuven, why are you here? The poison…”

It was at that moment that Kai realized Yuven’s aura wasn’t suppressed. He had made a full recovery.

“I’ve recovered completely. It was the countess of Jipsdale who treated me,” Yuven instantly said.

“I haven’t given the Ice Soul Pill to her yet and she has already treated you?” Kai found this situation perplexing. “The countess of Jipsdale says that she trusts you. She got rid of my poison after you left,” Yuven answered.

Kai was filled with a sense of guilt. If I had taken the Ice Soul Pill just now, how would I explain things to her later? It seems I’ll have to honor my promise no matter what, or I’ll carry this guilt with me.

“Mr. Chance, how should we deal with Phaethon?” Cloud asked. Kai looked over and saw Phaethon lying on the ground covered in bruises. While he wasn’t in immediate danger, it was evident that he had endured a significant amount of suffering.

“Who did that to him?” Kai was confused to see Phaethon getting beaten up. Kai had a hunch that it wasn’t Yuven who had inflicted this punishment, as Yuven wasn’t the type to engage in such behavior.

“We did it. He was arrogant, so we wanted to teach him a lesson!” the girls chorused. Kai finally noticed the injury on Quinley’s body and furrowed his brow. “Ms. Tall, did Phaethon hurt you?”

Quinley gave him a smile. “I’m fine as long as you’re safe!” “Master, Quinley has a wound on her back. It was that man who struck her!” Feenix said loudly.

Upon hearing this, Kai gently pulled Quinley closer to examine her back. There was a distinct palm-shaped mark on her skin, and it was gradually darkening, indicating a burn. An icy glint flashed across Kai’s eyes.

He gently caressed Quinley’s back, concern evident in his eyes. With the flow of spiritual energy along Quinley’s back, the wound began to heal, and new skin formed to replace the damaged area.

“Wait for me. I’ll avenge you,” Kai said before heading toward Phaethon. When Kai approached Phaethon, the latter made a feeble attempt to rise to his feet, fear etched across his face.

His earlier arrogance had completely vanished. As Yuven was around, Phaethon knew his death was certain..

Even so, he warned, “I belong to the Demon Seal Alliance. If you kill me, you’ll face severe consequences.”

Kai’s expression was icy.


He gave Phaethon a slap without warning.

“Severe consequences, huh?”


Another slap landed on Phaethon’s face. Phaethon was seething with anger after being slapped twice by Kai, but he didn’t dare to retaliate, especially with Yuven keeping a close eye on them.

With his jaw clenched, Phaethon uttered, “Kai, your arrogance is solely because you have someone backing you up. If you were alone, I would have you on your knees to lick my boots!”


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