The Mans Decree Chapter 3054

“Are you upset?” Kai asked coldly.

“Verily!” Phaethon’s eyes widened in defiance. I will grant you an opportunity,” Kai replied frostily. “We can engage in a fight. If you win, I’ll allow you to leave. But if you lose, you can only imagine the consequences.”

Phaethon was taken aback by the offer. “Are you serious?” He found it hard to believe that Kai would have the audacity to challenge him and then let him go if he won.

“Of course. With the condition that you win,” Kai replied with a nod.

Phaethon burst into laughter. “Well, aren’t you arrogant? You’re only at Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm, and you have the audacity to make such a proposition! Do you truly believe that old man is still possessing you?”

His aura burst forth. The injuries he suffered were superficial, so he wasn’t in danger.

Phaethon reasoned that Kai’s prior competence at the treasure trove was due to the presence of the elder of the Archaic Body cultivators within his body. Now that they were no longer connected, Phaethon believed Kai wouldn’t be able to match his strength.

Kai let out an icy snort, and the fire nascence blossomed and burst out of his body. He then launched a kick.

Thud! The kick landed squarely on Phaethon, sending him flying backward for several hundred meters. He then crashed onto the ground, creating a huge crater.

“B*stard! How dare you ambush me? You must have a death wish!” Phaethon growled as he got to his feet. A menacing glint filled Phaethon’s eyes as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his. lips.

He unsheathed his sword, and a moonlike radiance materialized, hurtling directly at Kai. The light blazed intensely, and the temperature soared as it approached. As the radiant light closed in on him, Kai swiftly waved his hand, conjuring the Dragonslayer Sword.

With a low growl, he released the sword’s power, causing three brilliant beams of light to shoot forth, intercepting the approaching moon-shaped light.

The collision of the four beams of light produced a deafening and terrifying sound that reverberated in the air. The fabric of the void ruptured, and amidst the chaos, Phaethon suddenly soared upward. He brandished his sword, giving rise to over a dozen moon-shaped beams of light.

Boom, boom, boom!

The beams of light swiftly landed on the spot where Kai stood. The intense battle caused the ground to cave in, creating numerous fissures. Dust and debris billowed into the air, obscuring the surroundings with a haze.

Kai noticed that the fire nascence he was currently using wasn’t as potent as it had been when he was at the treasure trove.

He furrowed his brows, not satisfied with the strength of this attack. Kai couldn’t help but feel disappointed as he remembered the exceptional strength of his fire nascence back at the treasure trove.

At that time, he had the support of the Archaic Body cultivators’ elder, and witnessing that level of power had left him longing for it. Kai’s body was concealed by the dust..

Outside, Quinley and the like were worried about him. Phaethon, despite his severe injuries, remained a formidable cultivator at Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm.

While Kai had made significant progress and reached Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, he still had a considerable gap to bridge to reach Phaethon’s level.

Nevertheless, Cloud and Yuven weren’t worried at all as they knew Kai was capable of defending himself.

“Is he dead?” Phaethon carefully retracted his sword as there was no movement. He was cautious not to enter the swirling clouds of dust himself, recognizing that doing so would provide Kai with an opportunity to ambush him.

He knew Kai had a penchant for ambushing opponents, so he was determined to emerge from this battle unscathed. Suddenly, Kai’s voice resounded from the sky. “One palm strike, one sword strike.”

Phaethon lifted his head in astonishment, realizing that Kai was now positioned above him. He had no clue when Kai had managed to slip away from his grasp and take to the skies.

“What did you say?” Phaethon’s eyes narrowed in disbelief. Kai’s aura matches mine even though I’m at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm. What is happening?

“You attacked Ms. Tall with a palm strike and a sword strike, so I’ll repay you tenfold,” Kai said as a menacing look appeared in his eyes.


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