The Protector Chapter 486

Zoey knew that Maurice would take revenge, but she didn’t expect him to do it by defaming Oriental Star Group on the night of the charity gala.

Horace took the microphone and spoke into it. “I’d like to make an announcement. Maurice Lorraine and the ten directors here had been personally invited to attend this event. Their presence here tonight has nothing to do with Oriental Star Group.”

“Huh? How is that so?”

Some were confused.

“That’s right. It was a private invitation!” Horace explained with a smile. “I once proposed to Oriental to invite a few directors to the event, but the president turned me down.

She doubted my kind initiative and thought we were planning to use the charity gala’s reputation to earn blood money, so she refused to cooperate with us! Sigh… Triple Group sure has it rough. We get flamed when we don’t take part in charity, but when we finally involved ourselves, our motives end up being questioned. This is just cruel!”

“What? Oriental is that despicable? Why would they question someone else’s kindness?”

“How shameless can they be? Triple Group has really been doing charity work; they’ve already donated over two billion to South City and North Hampton! Is that not charity?”

“Oriental is a joke. A company like this deserves to fail. Let’s join forces and bring them down!”

With Horace adding fuel to the flame, the crowd became enraged.

They now utterly despised Oriental Star Group and wanted the company to fall into ruin.

The situation was even worse online.

Thousands of netizens began to boycott Oriental Star Group.

Let’s flood their movies with horrible ratings!

Within an hour, two major films received tens of thousands of bad reviews.

The films suffered greatly in regard to sales and reputation.

Oriental Star Group was now in a mess.

Horace continued, “I’d like to attest to Maurice Lorraine and the rest of the directors here. Even though it isn’t a huge amount, they had offered their contributions.

They disregarded the company regulations and are risking their jobs just to be a part of this charity gala! Therefore, I’d like to request for a round of applause for these youngsters!”


“I’ll invest in any movie you make in the future!”

“Yeah! Maurice Lorraine should become North Hampton’s charity ambassador!”

Many big shots gave their responses.

A thunderous applause ensued.

The Internet was filled with positive comments about Maurice and the rest of the directors.

The ten directors were now regarded as powerful and fearless charity heroes.

Upon seeing this, Maurice curled his lips into a smile.

He didn’t expect things to turn out so well.

All the fame and fortune are now mine!

Then, he thought of Helena Engler.

“You must have a few screws loose! Now that Oriental is finished, so are you!”

Maurice announced to the crowd, “I refuse to work under such a despicable company! Is there anyone who’s willing to take me in?”

Wilford Boyd and the others chimed in, “Same goes for us! We don’t want to remain in Oriental anymore. We’ve had it with this trashy business!”

“Come work for us!”

Many bigshots were more than happy to hire Maurice and the others.

Horace smiled. “I’d be willing to give you guys a chance if you’re interested.”

“Please! Working for Triple Group is all we could ever ask for!” Maurice and the rest responded, immediately accepting the offer.

However, Maurice added, “But I’m still under contract with Oriental. They might refuse to let me go.”

“Don’t worry about that, Mr. Lorraine. You have the support of everyone here!” the audience exclaimed.

“In that case, I’d like to sign with Triple Group!” said Maurice and the others.

And just like that, all of them joined Triple Group.


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