The Protector Chapter 516

Kenneth explained it with a straight face.


Zoey was beyond stunned.

This is clearly a scam!

After the auction has commenced, they’re suddenly saying that it’s not in the local currency?

I’ve seen swindlers, but never ones that are as shameless as these people.

This is an act of fraudulence!

There’s really no limit to how far Triple Group is willing to go, to get what they want!

Realization dawned upon Zoey once again.

On the contrary, Levi remained unfazed.

He had already guessed that things wouldn’t progress smoothly.

“Not in the local currency? Who said that?” Levi challenged.

“Me, of course! As you know, the organizer has the final say!” Kenneth sneered.

He had promised to assist Horace in acquiring all of these ancient treasures. Hence, he deliberately changed the currency, so as to force Levi into withdrawing.

“Is everyone else aware of that?” Levi continued asking.

“Of course! If you don’t believe me, follow me and I’ll show you!”

When they returned to the auction room, Kenneth asked the crowd of people, “Was everyone aware that tonight’s auction wasn’t in the local currency?”

“Yes, of course! That’s why no one dared to raise the bid! Triple Group’s bid of six hundred million would be two billion after conversion! Who would dare to bid against that?”

“Yeah! Everyone knew about the foreign currency!”

These people who claimed to be aware of the currency conversion were all pre-arranged by Triple Group.

Levi also noticed that they had taken away everyone’s auction catalog.

The catalog was given to each person upon entry. It stated all the details regarding tonight’s auction, including the price of each auction item.

Just then, Horace walked over with a smile and queried, “What’s wrong Mr. West?”

“Mr. Waller, I’d appreciate it if you could help me out. Is tonight’s auction in a local or foreign currency?” Kenneth asked.

“Foreign, of course. That’s why I’d given up because 3 billion would be equivalent to 20 billion!”

Horace and Kenneth sang the same tune.

“What? Don’t tell me that Mr. Garrison and Ms. Lopez weren’t aware of this?” Horace feigned surprise.

“That’s right. The moment these two realized that it came to 20 billion after conversion, they refused to pay up!” Kenneth complained.

Horace’s smile deepened as he replied, “I suggest that the two of you give up! Paying 20 billion for these antiques is really not worth it!”

Zoey lightly elbowed Levi, implying that he should back down.

They would only end up getting their a**es handed to them, by competing against Triple Group.

Horace couldn’t stop smiling upon seeing this.

It seems like the issue has been resolved.

“If it’s 20 billion, then 20 billion it is. No problem at all!” Levi broke out into a smile of his own.

“What? You’re alright with paying 20 billion?”

Horace and Kenneth were so shocked that their eyes had almost popped out of their sockets.

They had planned to scare Levi away with this 20 billion.

To their utter shock, he had agreed to pay such an amount.

“I can pay 20 billion. The question is whether you’ll be able to spend it all!” Levi smiled mysteriously.

“Let’s settle the payment now.”


Kenneth and Horace were completely caught off guard.

He’s really going to pay?

All of them went backstage.

Levi took out his black card and directly transferred 20 billion.

Kenneth and Horace felt as though they were trapped in a daze, rejecting the possibility that this could be real.

“Done. Send all the artifacts to my home; all ten of them!” Levi demanded.

Before leaving, Levi smiled and muttered, “I hope that you’ll be able to finish spending it as soon as possible!”

Kenneth didn’t understand what Levi had meant by that and could only watch as Levi left.

On their way back.

Zoey stared at him agape. “Honey, I know that you participated in the auction tonight for Morris Group’s big boss, but that 20 billion was obviously a scam! Why did you agree to it?”

“Haha! Don’t worry, honey. They won’t be able to spend that money!” Levi snickered.

Everything had been in the palm of his hands since the very beginning.


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