The Protector Chapter 517

At Lakeside Villa.

Horace and Kenneth finally arrived at their senses after a long while.

“He had really transferred 20 billion?” Horace was skeptical.

“Yes! It has already been transferred into the account!” Kenneth confirmed.

“You must transfer all 20 billion to me now so that I can at least offer Mr. Park an explanation!” Horace urged him.

Kenneth immediately instructed his staff to make the transfer.

“Mr. West, something’s wrong! The 20 billion has been frozen! It says here that a fraudulent transfer was detected, and thus, our bank account has been frozen!” the staff exclaimed in horror.

“What are you waiting for? Call the bank now!”

Suddenly, Levi’s earlier words rang in Kenneth’s mind.

He told them to spend the money as soon as possible.

“Mr. West, the bank has said that the Bank Regulatory Bureau intervened and that they were the ones who had frozen the account!”

Horace and Kenneth’s expressions morphed drastically upon hearing this.

“What? The Bank Regulatory Bureau did this?”

Beep beep beep…

All of a sudden, ear-splitting police sirens could be heard, coming from outside the villa.

Several police cars came to a stop at the entrance.

There were also cars from the Ministry of Commerce, the Bank Regulatory Bureau, as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Good evening, we are a joint law enforcement team, comprised of four major departments. We received a report just a moment ago regarding the suspicious activity at the auction organized by Chrisler Foundation!”

“Firstly, you are suspected of consumer fraud, for demanding 20 billion when 3 billion was the agreed price!”

“Secondly, you are suspected of violating the law by engaging in acts, such as unfair competition!”

“Most importantly, all the items put up for auction belong to Mr. Scott Yates, and thus, they should be handled by the successor appointed by Mr. Scott Yates. You had no right to auction them off!”

Kenneth was already panicking, by the time the third offense was being stated.

They knew that they had brought this disaster upon themselves when they had switched the currency all just to dispel Levi.

Just then, Xavier Fields scoffed derisively as he held a copy of the auction catalog in his hand. “It’s clearly stated here that the bidding would be done in local currency, so how did 3 billion suddenly become 20 billion?”

“Ah?” Kenneth paled instantly.

Didn’t we settle the matter regarding the catalogs?

How did they get their hands on one?

Never in a million years did he expect Levi to be a step ahead of them, handing a copy over to Xavier.

“We’ve conducted an investigation and have discovered that the successor appointed by Scott Yates before his death was his butler, Mr. Theo Kirby, who had agreed to give all of the artifacts to Mr. Garrison, without any conditions! Hence, you shall immediately return the 20 billion to Mr. Garrison!”

“From this moment onwards, Kenneth and all who were involved are suspected of fraud, along with the previously listed crimes. All of you will be arrested and brought in for investigation! Chrisler Foundation will also be shut down temporarily for a thorough inspection!”

“Additionally, Triple Group will receive a fine of ten million for suspected market share violations, and the person in charge will be suspended under further notice!” Xavier declared sternly.


Horace and Kenneth almost passed out from everything that was going on.

Upon realizing that these artifacts were being given to Levi for free and that Chrisler Foundation was implicated as well, Horace began to fume.

He could not accept how things had turned out!

Since most of the reporters were still present at the scene, word of this spread like wildfire.

North Hampton and even the whole of Quebec had heard about it.

Park Cheon-shin was no exception either.

Triple Group has once again been humiliated in North Hampton?

Being slapped a fine is a small matter, but our image will be utterly ruined because of it!

Park Cheon-shin immediately contacted Horace.

“Horace, look what you’ve done! I gave you one last chance, didn’t I? It was such a simple task, but you couldn’t even do a proper job!” Park Cheon-shin was infuriated.

“Mr. Park, I…”

Horace was on the verge of tears.

“Come to South City to receive your death sentence! If you don’t, your wife and daughter will take your place!” Park Cheon-shin growled into the phone.

“What’s wrong? What’s gotten you so worked up, Mr. Park?”

Lee Jae-shik, who happened to be beside him, questioned him, with a smile.

“Master, the antique artifacts that I’d planned to give you were robbed from us. This is the same person who had injured your disciple, along with my son!”


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