The Protector Chapter 542

Park Cheon-shin, Lee Jae-shik and the rest stepped out of their car and shuffled towards Levi. Their heads drooped downward, making them look like children who had done something wrong.

Levi scanned them, his gaze landing on Lee Jae-shik.

“You escaped to Erudia?” asked Levi.


Lee Jae-shik froze in fear.

He actually knows me?

“I know you. The losers from Keerea are your students, right? You’re the chief coach of the millions of Keerea’s soldiers. Instead of staying in your country, why did you come to Erudia?”

Levi suddenly raised his voice, causing Lee Jae-shik to feel so scared that his knees gave way.

“I’m wrong, God of War! I’m wrong! I shouldn’t have entered Erudia! It’s my mistake…”

Kneeling on the floor, Lee Jae-shik groveled at Levi’s feet.

His clothes were drenched in cold sweat, which dripped down his hair.

It was not because the weather was hot, but because he was utterly terrified.

The other members of Triple Group were astounded.

No one expected the nation’s ultimate Taekwondo master to be so fearful!

White Tiger licked his lips. Sounding interested, he said, “I heard that he is the best Taekwondo master. I want to have a match with him!”

“King of War, White Tiger?”

Lee Jae-shik’s face turned pale as he immediately identified the speaker correctly.

“I wouldn’t dare! I wouldn’t dare! I don’t dare to do anything in Erudia…”

Lee Jae-shik was overcome with regret.

Oh, how I regret it!

Knowing the God of War is in Erudia, why did I still come?

“That’s not going to happen! You shouldn’t have come to Erudia. If you want to leave, you’ll have to accept my punch!”

White Tiger strode towards him.

“Remember, you can only leave if you remain standing after receiving my punch,” added White Tiger.

Lee Jae-shik understood that because of his identity, death was certain once he set foot in Erudia.

If he wanted to leave the country alive, he must accept this punch and put in his best effort.

“Come at me!” yelled Lee Jae-shik furiously as he stomped on the ground with a booming thud.

As expected of a master, his moves were extremely powerful.

He stood there motionlessly like an unmovable mountain.

As White Tiger came close, he suddenly accelerated and threw a punch at Lee Jae-shik.

Lee Jae-shik’s eyes sparkled. He moved as quickly as lightning.


With a sweeping kick, the most classic move in Taekwondo, he attacked White Tiger.

Although it was an ordinary move, it was fatal when deployed by Lee Jae-shik.

The kick was so powerful that it felt like a hurricane that was demolishing everything in its path!


A ferocious wind blew across the surroundings, causing tree branches and pebbles to fly into the sky. Everyone around them was forced to stagger a few meters backward.



The dozens of trees around them exploded!

Compared to this kick, White Tiger’s punch looked extremely ordinary.

A deafening bang sounded when the kick and punch collided.

Lee Jae-shik was instantly sent flying backward for ten meters. After crashing into a large tree with a huge thud and splitting it into halves, he did not stand up anymore.

White Tiger stroked his bloodied fist and smiled in satisfaction. “I’ve finally met someone who can take up a fight!”

As Lee Jae-shik did not survive this punch, he could never leave Erudia anymore.

When everyone saw how easily the Taekwondo master was defeated, they froze in fear.

Even Park Cheon-shin pissed his pants…

“You’re Park Cheon-shin, right? Did you hear my three warnings?” asked Levi as he turned his gaze to him.

“Yes! I completely understood them and will carry them out instantly!” promised Park Cheon-shin.

“It’s too late. Crawl out of Erudia! I’ll give you one day. If I still see anything related to Triple Group in Erudia, I’ll go looking for you.”

Levi sounded assertive, leaving absolutely no room for negotiation.


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