The Protector Chapter 543

Park Cheon-shin fainted in fear.

I’m doomed!

It’s all over!

The Triple Group’s ambitious plan to dominate the Erudia market has been ruined.

“We’ll leave right away, God of War!” said Lee Jung-jin, quivering.

“I said, crawl out of Erudia!”

Levi’s gaze was sharp and ruthless.

Alarmingly, the high-ranking officials of Triple Group were then seen sprawling across the ground as they slowly crawled out of North Hampton.

It would be an understatement to describe the crawling men as “pathetic”.

After a few hours, Triple Group suddenly announced that they would return the donations worth eighty billion.

After another hour, Triple Group organized a press conference. They apologized to Erudia for the crimes they had committed, promised to return the money they had scammed and laundered, and made a promise to compensate the victims.

Everyone following the event online erupted into cheers.

The Triple Group headquarters then declared the company would withdraw from the Erudia market: they would remove all of their products in Erudia within a day.

This was breaking news!

Everyone was astounded.

The Triple Group, which has been climbing up the ranks, is suddenly leaving Erudia?

What’s going on?

On the other hand, the companies and individuals who had been oppressed by Triple Group cheered in delight.

The Triple Group was like a cancerous tumor in the business world.

They did all sorts of evil things and exploited countless people.

Yet, many of the victims did not dare to expose the company and merely hope the company would fail.

Now that their wish was fulfilled, they were so overjoyed that they wanted to hold a big celebration!

As Triple Group mainly sold electronic products and there were many similar companies in the market, its departure did not create a huge impact.

That day, Levi told Iris, the person in charge of Morris Group, to add another basket of goods to the company’s portfolio: electronic products.

They would strive to create the most cost-effective electronic products to crush other immoral companies!

By creating products that could benefit the masses, they could promote healthy market development while doing good to the people.

This was what the Morris Group had always done.

Whether it was medical apparatus or other products, they always strived to sell the best quality products at the cheapest prices.

Their motto was to promote the city’s development and wellbeing of the people.

Hence, the employees of Morris Group all gave their work their best effort.

Aside from being able to reap the financial benefits, they would feel honored, too!

The young people in North Hampton were proud of working at Morris Group.

Morris Group had already been manufacturing electronic products. Now, they were simply increasing the scale of their production.

As Triple Group left the market, other companies were able to tap into its market share.

Iris even gave a part of the electronics business to the Oriental Star Group.

Zoey was very capable, too. Within a short period of time, the Oriental Star Group’s profits skyrocketed under her management, a role she had gladly accepted.

When she reached home, she asked, “Darling, how did the wedding go?”

Levi smiled helplessly. “Well, I made up for my regret and she made the choice she wanted.”

“That’s good, then! But it’s a pity how her wedding went. The Triple Group withdrew so unexpectedly just as she became the general manager of their Erudia branch.

She sighed. “The wedding is only memorable because of the regrets it left.”

Levi knew that Zoey was thinking about their wedding six years ago.

It was not a fruitful wedding, and it became his and Zoey’s regret.

“Honey, I’ve decided to re-organize a wedding for you! By then, I’ll tell you some things.”

Levi decided to organize another wedding for Zoey.

At that time, he would reveal his true identity to her.


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