The Protector Chapter 544

Zoey’s eyes curved into tiny crescents as she smiled. “Okay! I’ll wait for you to give me a fruitful wedding!”

“Alright. Let’s pick a suitable date!”

Levi nodded.

Zoey thought that Levi was joking. She was not expecting him to be serious.

That wedding was later named the grandest wedding of the century.

Of course, all these were in retrospect!

Life would return to normal afterward.

Sitting in his office, Levi smoked and had some alcohol.

He then received a call from Azure Dragon, saying chaos had broken out in South City.

After the fall of the Triple Group and Scott’s faction, the other prominent families started to frantically claim control of the available territories.

Even some external forces became involved.

In short, the entire South City had descended into chaos.

Levi did not expect this to happen.

Initially, he thought that after eliminating Scott and Triple Group, Quebec would become peaceful again and that everyone would behave properly.

Yet, instead of warning them, his actions caused these people to descend into madness.

To them, after the collapse of the two major forces, they now had more territory and businesses to seize!

“It’s hard to control South City…” said Azure Dragon hesitantly.

“Okay, I’ll personally make a trip to South City. As all these happened because of me, I need to set things straight.”

A cold glint appeared in Levi’s eyes.

At night, he told Zoey that he was going to South City.

Zoey’s eyes lit up. “That’s just right! Abigail was telling me that she wants to return to South City as something urgent has happened in the family. The Black family did not say what exactly was so urgent, so my parents are very worried. Go back with Abigail and see what happened to the Black family.”

“Sure, no problem,” agreed Levi.

The next day arrived.

After Abigail entered the car, she instantly wrapped her arms around Levi’s neck.

“Levi, you’re so cruel. Why didn’t you visit me for such a long time?”

A resentful look appeared in Abigail’s eyes as if she was his wife.

Levi pushed her aside quickly.

“Just speak normally. Don’t touch me!”

Abigail glared at him and said, “Are you seeing someone recently?”

Levi frowned. “Huh?”

“I heard that you attended your childhood friend’s wedding and flirted with girls. Even my sister’s best friend started liking you. Helena, the new celebrity in my sister’s company, is obsessed with you, too! Am I right?” complained Abigail as she pouted.

“What are you talking about?”

Levi frowned.

“Let me tell you this. I’ll only like your sister. The other women are none of my business! Even if I’m involved with them, it’s because of your sister. You’re one of them…”

When Abigail heard his words, her expression fell immediately.

Tears of indignance brimmed in her eyes as she tried to hold them back.

So Levi is only nice to me because of Zoey!

“What’s wrong, Abigail? Why are you crying?”

Levi suddenly realized that Abigail had burst into tears.

“It’s nothing…”

She wiped her tears away and stayed silent for the entire ride.

Levi had no clue how he offended Abigail, so he remained quiet, too.

Soon, they reached South City.

When they entered the city, Levi called Alfie from the Dragon Legion.

“Tell the South City leaders that I’ve arrived,” instructed Levi.

When he attended the Black family’s birthday banquet, he had promised he would definitely inform the city management the next time he arrived.

“Understood, Sir!” replied Alfie instantly.

Alfie then contacted the commander-in-chief of the South Warzone and the major leaders of the city.


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