The Protector Chapter 545

Instantly, the entire of South City was in a frenzy.

The God of the War is coming.

The fact that no one knows why he’s coming is even more terrifying!

When the Triple Group committed their outrageous acts, the God of War didn’t even come.

Yet, he’s coming now?

This means that something major has happened!

After exiting the highway, Levi drove to the Black family home.

His car zoomed along the roads when suddenly he caught sight of two luxurious cars from the rearview mirror.

One was a Lamborghini, while the other was a Ferrari 458.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The two luxurious cars sped past Levi’s Mercedes, deliberately cutting his path.

There were two people sitting in each of the cars.

They were the wealthy bachelors of South City.

The most famous of them was Derek, who came from the wealthy Davies family.

Recently, the Davies family had been flourishing, having snatched control of multiple territories and reaped a lot of benefits.

“She’s Abigail, right? I recognized her with just a single glance!” exclaimed Derek with a grin.

“Yeah, she’s Abigail,” agreed the rest.

When they were at the intersection earlier, they noticed Abigail sitting in the car. Hence, they instantly chased after her to confirm.

“I heard that the Black family arranged a marriage for Abigail, right?” Derek asked his underling, Zachary.

“Yeah, but I want to tease Abigail today. She’s so pretty. I’ve actually been lusting after her for a long time. Haha…”

When Derek thought of Abigail, he could not hold himself back anymore.

Initially, as the Black family was much more powerful than the Davies family, he did not dare to do anything.

However, in the recent shakeup of territories, the Black family had chosen to keep a distance while the Davies family participated aggressively.

Now, the Davies family was in a much more powerful position than the Blacks.

Naturally, Derek became braver and wanted to toy around with Abigail.

After cutting in front of the Mercedes, the two cars slowed down gradually.

In the end, they were only driving at a slow speed of 20km/h.

It was obvious that they were doing it on purpose!

Fury appeared in Abigail’s eyes.

“Levi, they’re doing this on purpose! Hmph!”

However, Levi did not respond.

Suddenly, he spun the steering wheel to the right and accelerated.

At the speed of lightning, he surpassed the two luxurious cars instantly and sped off.


When Derek and the rest saw the car zooming past them, they were stunned.

What the heck is this?

It’s driving so quickly that I can’t even react in time!

“Quick! Chase after that car!” yelled Derek.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini accelerated, speeding up so quickly that they looked like two streaks of lightning on the road.

A Mercedes could never accelerate faster than sports cars on a straight road.

Soon, Levi realized that the two cars were about to reach them.

However, instead of being flustered, he continued accelerating.

Although there was a sharp curve in front, Levi ignored it and kept increasing the speed.

“Huh? Levi, slow down!”

Abigail was so scared that she almost closed her eyes.

However, a calm expression remained on Levi’s face while the car continued speeding up.

When Derek and the rest saw that, they were so shocked that cold sweat started to dot their foreheads.

“Damn it! Is this guy crazy? There’s such a sharp curve ahead with a few slopes. Yet, he still dares to accelerate?” exclaimed Derek in surprise.

“Yeah! Curves like these are the most accident-prone. Does he still dare to accelerate? He must be a madman!”

“It might be safer if a sports car zoomed across the curve. But a mere sedan? That’s crazy!”

The Lamborghini and Ferrari started to slow down, wanting to drive past the curve steadily.

However, the Mercedes in front dashed onto the curved road as it accelerated.

“They’re doomed! The car will be destroyed and the passengers will definitely die.”

“Poor Abigail. She’s so pretty!”

Even Derek closed his eyes in despair.


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