The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1478


They have a way!

This is great news for Messiah and Erudia!

This knot is on the bone.

It belongs to the dark age.

There was a message.

Could it be that Erudia Wulong is coming back?

“””Are the four of the East Demon coming back?”””

Everyone is very excited.

“””That’s not true! The physical condition of the four of them is the same as before, they can’t play!”””


“””Their apprentice can go out of the mountain!””..”

“””Is their apprentice horrible?”””

“””The East Demon four claim that their four apprentices have all their true biography! They are the successors they spent decades training!”””

“””Furthermore, the four seniors of the East Demon have been studying the Northern Demon in the past few decades! They have studied his martial arts and combat skills extremely thoroughly! For this reason, the four of them created a combined attack technique specifically aimed at the Northern Demon!”””

“””Now their four apprentices have practiced this combined attack technique against the Northern Demons to the point of perfection!”””

“””Four seniors have said that when the North Demon meets their four apprentices, they will definitely lose!”””

Hear here.

Messiah cheered up and down.

“””It’s great! It’s great!”””

“””It turns out that the four predecessors of the East Demon have left behind to train a new Erudia Five Dragons for Erudia! It is really admirable!”””

“””It’s amazing! There is a combined attack technique specifically aimed at the North Devil! It’s amazing!”””

Everyone has smelled the scent of victory.

Or that victory is in sight!

“””Before tonight, the four senior apprentices will arrive! Go and target the Northern Demons!”””

“””In order to increase the winning rate, Messiah decided to form a death squad! Build a death squad from the masters you can gather, and put them all on the battlefield!”””

“””Especially the major hidden forces must have ginseng and death squads!”””

“””I believe that Erudia Wulong’s apprentice plus the death squad can definitely win the North Demon!”””

Messiah has formulated a strategic plan.

“””What about Levi Garrison? Isn’t he more sure about joining?”””

Someone asked questions.

“””Levi Garrison is responsible for eradicating the Avengers. He doesn’t need him to deal with the Northern Devil! For now, it is enough to have four apprentices of Erudia Wulong and the death squad!”””

Messiah originally planned to let Levi Garrison lead the team against the Northern Devil at the last moment.

This is the last resort.

“Unexpectedly, Erudia Wulong had left behind and the four apprentices appeared.”

Then Levi Garrison won’t be needed.

indeed so.

Because it seems to everyone that the four apprentices are stronger than Levi Garrison.

The confidence to deal with the North Devil is also greater.

“After all, there is the combined attack technique of Erudia Five Dragons.”

So there is no need for Levi Garrison.

He just needs to clean up the Avengers.


The combined attack technique studied by the four Erudia Five Dragons and the East Demon is specifically aimed at the Northern Demons.

It can defeat the North Devil.

But that was just the North Devil back then.

The four Erudia Five Dragons and the East Demon would never have thought that the North Demon now is three times stronger than before!

“Their combined attack technique can only defeat the Northern Demon of the year, but cannot defeat the Northern Demon, which is three times stronger.”

This is something that no one would have thought of.

“When you were studying the North Demon, he was making crazy progress…”

“When Levi Garrison received this order, he was stunned.”

“After he was busy with this matter, he was directing and doing almost everything.”

“As a result, it was at a critical juncture.”

He is ready to play.

“As a result, he could not participate.”

He was sent to deal with the Avengers.

“Just because Erudia Wulong’s four apprentices appeared, he was no longer needed.”

Throw him aside.

He is dissatisfied!ÿ!ÿ!


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