The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479

Is there any way to disagree?

It is the duty of a soldier to obey orders!

He just followed the order.

“””Levi is here to take the order!”””

Levi Garrison looked helpless.

“””One word side by side the king said you don’t like to hear it! The apprentices of the four Erudia Five Dragons and the East Demon are out! They are not weaker than you, and the four of them are better than you!”””

“””They also have a combined attack technique specifically aimed at the Northern Devil! That’s why they were sent to deal with the Northern Devil!”””

“””You only need to eradicate the Avengers!”””

“Levi Garrison nodded: “”Well, I understand. Levi Garrison always listens to the dispatch! Whatever the North Demon needs me, he will be there anytime!”””

Although wronged.

“But in front of Erudia, I can’t have emotions.ÿ”

“As long as it is for the sake of the great summer, Levi Garrison can do anything.”

Perhaps the four apprentices of Erudia Wulong were more suitable for dealing with the Northern Devil than himself.

“Except for the secret Zhentian Temple, everyone around Levi Garrison was transferred away.”

“In particular, everyone in the   Railway Brigade has all been transferred to the northern border…”

The other side.

In a secret base somewhere in the capital.

Suddenly several tanks came.

Siqi middle-aged man walked out of the car.

They are the apprentices of the Dong Yao four.

“””East Beast!”””

“””Western monk!”””

“””Southern General!”””

“””The soldier!”””

The four each took their nicknames.

They are all based on the name given by their master.

To show respect for their master!

“””After decades, we can finally come out and breathe!”””

“””Yes, especially you are known as the little army god, you have to get out early,   War God is yours!”””

“””It’s wrong, go out early, what else is there?”””

Several people laughed.

“The demeanor is arrogant, and the words are the first in the world.”

But they have arrogant capital.

Erudia Wulong?s apprentice!

“””I am waiting to welcome the arrival of the four! Erudia’s hope lies on you!”””

“””Yes, as long as you win the North Devil, you are Erudia proud! Your deeds will be passed down through the ages!”””

Messiah said several people.

“””Don’t worry! Master and his elders are afraid that the Northern Demon will return one day. So they have developed this combined attack technique specifically aimed at him! We have reached the highest level! No matter how the Northern Demon, it will be impossible to escape. !”””

The four seemed extremely confident.

They have this certainty.

“Otherwise, Erudia Wulong would not send them out.”

“””It’s great! You are the Four Dragons of the Great Xia!”””

The crowd was excited.

“””The Four Dragons of Erudia dare not be, that is Master’s. You can call us the Four Little Dragons of Erudia!”””

This title is self-appointed by four people.

“””By the way, when shall we leave?”””

Zhongbing Xiaojun Shen asked.

“””Don’t worry, we are still forming a death squad! We want to completely annihilate the Northern Demons and their party feathers! The death squad is still being formed! It is estimated that we will have it together before noon tomorrow! We will start at that time!”””

“Several people nodded: “”Well, we do need some cannon fodder!”””

The four are extremely confident.

The threatened death squads are cannon fodder.

“””By the way, where is Levi Garrison? This kid is the first God of War! It is said to be much better than Ray!”””

Zhongbing Xiaojun Shen asked.

“Because he is the Chinese army, that is, the strongest seed selected by Erudia Army God from Erudia’s millions of soldiers.”

But he hid it for decades.

More attention to the God of War and the like.

He even wanted to meet Levi Garrison.

“””Levi Garrison does not participate in the battle against the Northern Devil, he has this qualification!”””


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