The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1480


“””That’s true!”””

“””If the little army god came out early, what about the God of War and the Shura God of War? They don’t even deserve to give the little army gods shoes!”””

The other four said.

“The little army god said with some regret: “”I still want to see and see! Master has a high evaluation of him! He said that if he was raised from an early age, his achievements would not be low!”””

“””He doesn’t need to worry about it! You are the key to dealing with the North Devil!”””

The others complimented.

“””Well, quickly assemble the death squad! Let’s set out to find the North Demon!”””

The four of them were already impatient.

“At this time, the entire Erudia was overwhelmed by the formation of death squads.”

The major hidden powers are extremely troubled.

What does the death squad mean?ÿ

Kids know it!

Went to the absolute nine deaths!

So few people will take the initiative to ask Ying to become a death squad.

“Especially this time, the selection of the death squads are all superpowers among the major forces.”

Going to die is a heavy blow to the family.

No one is willing to bear such a big loss.

“But this is an order from Messiah, everyone must obey it.”

The major hidden powers are equivalent to cutting flesh from the body.

The four gate valve is no exception.

“They also have to choose a hundred-member ginseng and death squad, all of which are at the master level.”

Each gate requires 25 people.

“After preparations, the Western Shu gate clan has selected 20 ginseng people.”

“Because everyone knows that if the death squads go, they die, and there is no way to survive.”

“Therefore, the selected masters are the worst, or those with no potential.”

Try not to choose what you want in the future.

But twenty masters are already the limit.

The remaining five are difficult to single out.

Finally decided to draw lots to choose people!

“Let all the other masters come to draw lots, and whoever will be drawn.”

“On this day, there was a coax in the clan of Xishu.”

“””Don’t choose me! He is a grandmaster at a young age! He is the hope for the future!”””

“It turned out that the son of Tang Wansheng, an important senior member of the Western Shu Dynasty, won the lottery.”

To be selected to join the death squad.

Tang Wansheng has high authority and is the eighth younger brother of Emperor Tang.

His son is even more genius.

“Among the younger generation of Xishu family members, they ranked in the top three.”

He naturally couldn’t bear to let his son go.

“Lots can be drawn, but there is no way.”

“””Mr. Tang Wansheng, do you want to prevent your son from joining the death squad?”””

Meredith leaned forward and asked.

“””Do you have a way?”””

Tang Wansheng’s eyes lit up.

“””We have a way!”””

Meredith is humane.

Tang Wansheng was anxious.

“””Quick! Say it!”””

“””If you really have a way, I, Tang Wansheng, will owe you a favor! If you have something to do, find me as soon as possible, and I will protect you for the rest of your life!”””

Tang Wansheng said excitedly.

Meredith looked at each other.

His eyes lit up fiercely.

This is what they are waiting for.

“Although they were members of the clan of Western Shu, they trusted the old lady, their status was still too low.”

“If Tang Wansheng were to protect them, their status would definitely soar.”


“””Let someone die for the noble son!”””

Harry smiled.

“””Ah? The rules set by the eldest brother himself cannot be replaced by others, whoever is drawn is whoever is drawn!”””

Tang Wansheng said.

“Meredith smiled: “”If it was someone else, I wouldn’t let it! But the person we want to mention is definitely OK!”””

“””Who is it? Hurry up!”””

“””Levi Garrison!”””

“””First, he is strong enough! Grandmaster-level powerhouse!”””

“””Secondly, this kind of death must be attended by such people!”””

“Hearing this name, Tang Wansheng nodded fiercely.”


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  1. I just don’t understand one thing in the novel i.e.,by the current chapter if Meridith sent Levi to the battle field if he lost there is no damage to that f**king bit** if he win means that credit also goes that old wench only how did u get these amazing ideas I think ur the fan or descendent of black family right admin

  2. If this happens they have too be caught as others and the Messiah know Levi is not in the draw. This no sense at all. Too many long winded explanations and new names .Messiaha is suppose to have all knowledge and power yet the old woman can get away with bull crap and interfering. No to stupid.

    1. This story is really crazy and I wouldn’t dare to read a second novel like this. The funny thing is that, they always leave you in a suspense to keep you reading.

      But I want to know if you have an idea who Messiah is?
      As of he is the King, or the commander or the main boss or an organization, I don’t really get it.

      1. Levi doesnt have the balls to break their legs and arms. he should do what I did, the billionaire god of war.

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