The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1481


“””Why don’t I think of him?”””

Tang Wansheng clenched his fist tightly.

“Can not find a replacement, mainly because of the restrictions of the master-level powerhouse.”

There is also the rule of the Western Shu Emperor that people of the same tribe cannot be substituted.

But Levi Garrison was not a member of the Western Shu family.

Can only say that it is related!

“””Let Levi Garrison replace it!”””

Everyone shouted.

“””Then Levi is here!”””

“””However, Mr. Tang, this matter has to be discussed with the old lady!”””

Everyone reminded.ÿ..

“””Okay, I’ll talk to the second sister!”””

“Soon, everyone gathered to the old lady.”

“””Yeah! Exchange for Mu Feng with Levi Garrison! I have always been optimistic about Mu Feng, this child, he is going to join the death squad, I can’t bear it too!”””

“The old lady was very optimistic about Tang Wansheng’s Tang Mufeng, and between the two, they immediately chose Levi Garrison.”

“””Old lady, you have to think twice! This is going to join the death squad. As long as you go, you will never come back! In that case, Zoey will not have a husband, and Levilia will not have a father.”””

Someone reminded.

“The old lady was heartbroken: “”Levi Garrison is here! I’m protecting the two of them! I don’t need Levi Garrison at all!”””

“””Come here, hurry up and call out Levi Garrison.”””

“On the other side, Levi Garrison, who was about to deal with the Avengers, was screamed.”

He came to Li’s ancestral home in doubt.

“””What? Let me join the death squad and go to the front line to fight the North Devil?”””

“Hearing this, Levi Garrison was surprised.”

“He wanted to get rid of the North Demon, but there was no chance.”

Didn’t think that the Western Shu gate clan would have such an easy opportunity?

Isn’t this exactly what he wants?

“Because he had a very strong hunch?the Northern Demon was too powerful, and the apprentice of Erudia Wulong was not good at it.”

He will feel more stable when he goes personally…

Just no excuse to go.

There is now.

“As for the Avengers, it?s not the most important thing right now, the Northern Devil is…”

“””Levi Garrison, as long as you join the death squad for Mu Feng, your wife, daughter, and your mother’s family, I promise you will have no worries forever! If not, you know the end!”””

The old lady threatened.

“””Okay, I promise!”””

Levi Garrison did not hesitate to agree.

This surprised the old lady and others.

Would Levi Garrison agree so easily?

But they didn’t think too much.

“Soon after, the West Shu gate clan gathered members of the death squad to see them off.”

The emperor of Xishu will roll the names of the 25 people participating in the death squad.

“””Tang Mufeng!”””

“””What about people?”””

“When Tang Mufeng was ordered, no one answered.”

He didn’t come to the scene at all.

“””Eighth brother, how about people?”””

The cold eyes of the Western Shu Emperor burned on Tang Wansheng’s face.

“””Brother, Levi Garrison is going to participate for Mu Feng!”””

Said the old lady.

The words came out.

The whole audience was taken aback.

“Xishu Emperor, Tang Yanran and others who knew Levi Garrison’s identity were dumbfounded.”

Let this one go to the death squad to die?

Are you kidding me?

“In addition, Zoey was stunned.”

When did this happen?

Why doesn’t she know?

The death squad is going to die as cannon fodder…

Levi Garrison will never come back alive.

“””Grandma, what are you doing? How can you let Levi go for someone?”””

“””Tang Mufeng got it by himself, no one else is to blame!”””

Zoey was anxious.

“Tang Wansheng immediately said, “”Levi Garrison himself agreed to go for Mu Feng.”””

“The old lady also nodded: “”Yes, that’s it!”””

“Immediately, the eyes of Zoey and others fell on Levi Garrison.”

“””Levi, did you agree?”””


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