The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1485


It’s just that everyone fell into silence and hesitation.

“Compared to a nameless “”Tang Mufeng””, everyone is more willing to follow the four little dragons.”

“If you survive, that would be a great opportunity to become famous!”

“After all, if you follow the Four Little Dragons to defeat the Northern Devil, you will definitely gain supreme glory.”

The future is absolutely steady.

Both Erudia and the family will be valued.

“Even if he dies, he can become a martyr and gain certain benefits for his family and family.”

“On the other hand, following Levi Garrison, there is only a dead end, I don’t know how to die.”

There will even be a deserter.

“Whatever you think, following Levi Garrison is not cost-effective.”

A long silence.ÿ

“Just as the little army gods were about to laugh, they suddenly shouted: “”Since they are all dead, why not be more decent? Isn’t it good to be free? Let’s do it ourselves!”””

“””Brother, let’s go with you!”””

“””We will follow you too!”””

A few scattered people came to Levi Garrison’s side.

“But one after another, some people still came.”

Everyone sighed.

“Finally, thirty-eight people came to Levi Garrison.”

“For a death squad with thousands of people, it’s just a drop in the bucket.”

“””A bunch of cowards! You don’t know how you died!”””

“””Follow him, you will regret it!”””

Xiaojunshen shouted angrily.

Levi Garrison and other thirty-nine people left without hesitation and headed for the Tianshan base from another direction.

“After they left, the four Xiaojunshen discussed.”

“To the people below: “”We decided to change our strategy! Don’t let you consume it! Let’s set off together, and you will follow the four of us!”””

“””We will do our best to bring you back alive!”””

“””I want to make those people regret it! From now on there are no death-defying teams, only the winner! Follow us and win!”””

“Hearing this, more than 900 people from the death squad burst into cheers.”

They don’t need to die.

They also have to be honored.

More than one billion people in Erudia will welcome their return…

“On the other hand, the group of people who just left was a group of fools and idiots.”

“For a while, they regret it!ÿ!ÿ!”

“These people clenched their fists tightly, feeling a trace of luck.”

They almost held back just now and followed Levi Garrison away.

I’m so lucky.

It shouldn’t be fate!


“””Okay, pack up and set off!”””

Everyone began to discuss.

“””The few just now are brain-dead! Have to follow others to get ahead? Do dozens of you can kill the North Demon?”””

“””These people thought they were particularly brave, and didn’t know how they died in the end?”””

“””If we let them know that we don’t have to die now, maybe they will regret it?”””

The members of the death squad were all happy.

But they don’t even know what they are about to face.

I thought that the choice of most people was right and their destiny was the best.

“As everyone knows, those thirty-eight talents made the most correct choice.”

“””Okay! Let’s go!”””

“In the end, the four little dragons took the death squad and headed for the Tianshan base in a mighty manner.”

“At the highest point of the Tianshan base, the North Devil had a panoramic view of the team’s every move.”

“The Northern Demon carried his hands and sneered: “”Erudia thought this was the end, and this is clearly the beginning!”””

“””In a moment, I will warn the world with a slaughter! My Northern Demon is invincible in the world!”””

“The North Devil talked so wildly, but no one dared to question it.”

But the Four Little Dragons and the Death Squad knew nothing about it.


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  1. Brother rather than posting 10 chapters once in a while just post 50-60 chapters in a day so that we also don’t bored while reading we also gets excited when reading it

    1. He also has to obey the death squad rule. He kill the demon and capture the advendures.
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  2. Why, oh why are people/masters who have been locked away for centuries….always come out so arrogant? Why cant they be humble?? Levi has seen unimaginable things and has done unimaginable thing, but yet he is still humble. He was once the GOD of War….you’d think they would want to at least…listen to what he has to offer. Oh wait, he is wearing a mask. But still…they should still be open to advice.

    1. Tan Mufeng will get the glory. come on, author, give Levi what he deserves, let the world know who he is and make the black and lopez family pay. you’re frustrating me.

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