The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1488


There was laughter in all directions.

And everyone looks at them like they are watching an idiot.

“The four Xiaojunshen faintly felt that something was wrong, but there was something wrong with it, and they couldn’t tell.”

“In short, everyone’s laughter made them feel flustered.”

Not to mention the other members of the death squad.

All panicked.

“””Look for death! Kill me!”””

The little army god couldn’t bear it and rushed out directly.

Others followed closely behind.

A bad premonition spreads in everyone’s mind.

“””Kill! Don’t keep one!”” mi.ÿc”

The Northern Demon stood on top of the peak and gave orders coldly.

In an instant.

Countless masters poured down and surrounded the death squads.

“At this moment, everyone had an idea?it seemed to follow the four little dragons to die faster.”



A fierce hand-to-hand combat kicked off.

Neither side is vegetarian.

“After all, the death squad was a master selected from the major hidden forces.”

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

“Even under the leadership of the four little dragons, the death squad had a faint momentum to defeat the enemy.”

This makes the members of the death squad more confident!

The four dragons are strong enough!

They will definitely leave alive!

The four little dragons indeed inherited the skills of Erudia and Wulong.

“Crush into the enemy group, still enter the realm of no one.”

The four killed a bloody road and went straight to the North Demon.

“The death squad followed, and the more they fought, the more courageous they became.”

It seems that the momentum of the Northern Devil army will be knocked out.

Erudia and the whole world are watching this battle.

Everyone in the Lopez family’s ancestral home is also paying attention to this battle.

Through various channels to understand the real-time status of this war.

Especially Zoey is most concerned about this matter.

She clenched her fists tightly.

“When inquiring about the situation on the frontline battlefield, Zoey stretched his brows.”

“””Levi Garrison is lucky! As a death squad, you don’t need to die! And seeing this posture is going to come back alive, add honor, and return to the top!”””

“””This kid is too lucky, right?”””

Songkui and the others were envious and jealous.

Meredith’s faces were gloomy.

They were all wondering if it was a wrong decision to let Levi Garrison die.

“If Levi Garrison comes back alive, he will add honor and change his life.”

That’s not what they want to see.

Can’t let Levi Garrison get a blessing in disguise.

At this time Tang Wansheng and Tang Mufeng ran in.

“””What bad idea did you come up with? Levi Garrison now takes away all the benefits!”””

Tang Wansheng shouted.

Zoey looked at the two with a look of surprise.

Are there any shameless people?

“At first, when I heard that the death squad was going to send him to death, he dared not let his son go and let Levi Garrison go instead.”

“Now I saw that the death squad didn’t need to die, and I ran out and regretted it again.”

Why did you go?

“Tang Mufeng, who had never appeared before, yelled: “”Father, this is not good, this is originally my honor. What’s the matter with Guan Levi Garrison?”””

“Tang Wansheng thought for a while: “”My son, don’t worry, the credit is yours. Levi Garrison went as soon as possible, but he went in your name. If you have the credit, it will be counted on you.”””

“””Yes, Levi Garrison came back alive, and all the glory and credit belong to Young Master Mu Feng.”””

Everyone agrees.

“Hearing this, Tang Mufeng nodded: “”Well, this is almost the same!”””

This feeling is really cool!

It’s cheap!



Zoey is going crazy.

“Levi Garrison was on the front line desperately to die for him, but all the credits belonged to him.”

Even be ridiculed by their eyes and ridicule!

Tang Mufeng’s family is simply too shameful!

There is such a person?


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