The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1492




There were screams everywhere.

The members of the death squad fell one by one.

The Northern Devil is cruel.

Let everyone fear.

They have really become death tributes.

The four little dragons are simply not human.

Use them to block guns and run away by yourself.

“Even if you die, you have to control your own way of death, not like that, to die for others.”

“All were upset, but the reality was cruel and ruthless.ÿ..”

They have nothing to do.

“Soon, the death squad was killed or injured more than half.”

“The rest were scattered, but they were still blocked in front of the North Demon.”




The North Demon was as cold and ruthless as his nickname.

There is only killing in his eyes.

“However, because of the death squad, the four little dragons had a chance to escape.”

“Although the four of them couldn’t beat the North Demon, they were still strong compared to the others.”

Escape is not a problem.

“At this time, the battlefield was in chaos.”

The North Devil let his subordinates block this place again.

“Therefore, the outside world has no idea about the final situation of the battle.”

Even Messiah is the same.

Messiah was anxious up and down like ants on a hot pot.

“When the combined attack technique couldn’t deal with the Northern Demons, Messiah knew it all.”

Now even the situation on the battlefield is not clear.

There has never been such an embarrassment.

Erudia Wulong sighed again and again.

“””We killed everyone! This time the apprentice can’t come back, everyone else is going to die!”””

“””No, we can’t wait and die! If it’s a little later, the four little dragons and the death squad will all have to sacrifice, and the North Demon is unstoppable!”””

“””But what can everyone do? Who can deal with the North Devil?”””

“””I think of coming alone…”””

Suddenly everyone’s expressions changed.

“””Levi Garrison!”””

“””At this point, I can only try him!!!”””

“””Hurry up and order Levi Garrison to rush to the Tianshan base for rescue!”””

“””Let him ignore the Avengers for now!”””

Messiah immediately ordered Levi Garrison to rescue.

It’s just that Levi Garrison can’t be contacted at all.

Levi Garrison just disappeared.

“””What? Levi Garrison couldn’t get in touch? No more orders?”””

“After Messiah learned of this, Thunder was furious.”

“””What does Levi Garrison mean? Just because we gave him up and didn’t use it, he held a grudge after using the four little dragons?”””

“””Didn’t he always pretend to be Erudia? Now he disappeared for his own selfishness, and he didn’t take orders. He completely ignored Erudia!”””

“””I misunderstood him! It turns out that he will also coax his emotions for his own desires!”””

“””Where is Levi Garrison, quickly find it for me! If you can’t find it, Levi Garrison will be severely punished! Don’t say a word side by side, he has no qualifications for Erudia!”””

“Because Levi Garrison disappeared, he didn’t take the order.”

“Everyone blamed Levi Garrison, thinking that he was negligent.”

“Therefore, Yanlong is hygienic.”

“As everyone knows, Levi Garrison is at the forefront…”

Tianshan base.

The four little dragons rushed to escape.

They tried their best to leave the Tianshan base.

They knew that the death squad could not stop the North Demon for long.

“If they can’t escape during this time, the Northern Devil will definitely catch up with them.”

“At this moment, all the members of the death squad fell in a pool of blood, not one standing.”

The North Devil is too strong.

No one can stop!

“””Escape, can you escape?”””

The North Demon sneered and ran after him.

“In his eyes, if the four little dragons were given another hour, he would be able to catch up.”

“The Northern Demon chased, almost shrinking to an inch.”

One step out is a few hundred meters away.


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