The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1493


“On the other side, Messiah’s atmosphere was extremely suppressed.”

Everyone knows that the Tianshan base is extremely dangerous.

The life and death of the four dragons and the death squad is still uncertain.

“””Where is Levi Garrison?”””

“””Blame Levi Garrison!!!”””

“””If he had listened to the dispatch, he would have rushed to the Tianshan base by this time!”””

“””Well, we can’t just sit still! Send out all the forces that can be sent out! The   Iron Brigade will all be dispatched!”””

“Tianshan base, a chase battle is continuing.”

“””No… not good… the Northern Demon is catching up!”””

The little army god suddenly exclaimed.ÿ

Because he saw a long air wave coming from the Tianshan base behind.

It was clear that the Northern Demon was chasing after him.

His speed has broken the sound barrier.

Comparable to supersonic speed.

That’s why his movement can pull out the air waves brought out by the plane.

“””No way! The strength gap between us and the North Demon is too big! No matter what, we must be caught up!”””

Dong Beast shouted.


Deep despair flooded everyone’s heart.

“Being overtaken by the North Demon, there is only one end-death.”

They don’t want to!

“They cultivated in seclusion for decades, just to have a brilliant future.”

Don’t get killed in the first place.

They are the apprentices of Erudia Wulong.

“If they were killed in this way, their reputation would be stinky.”

Everyone is greedy for life and fear of death.

So they flee madly.

“Even regretting, why not bring more death squads back then.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to bring two to three thousand, four to five thousand?”

“If they brought enough tens of thousands of people, wouldn’t they escape steadily?”

Why did it fall into this situation now?

“””Trash! It’s just a bunch of trash! How about the grand master who returned to the four main gates? Just stop it for a while?”””

“””Yes, even if I bring a thousand pigs, they have to kill for a while! The death squad is just a bunch of rubbish!”””

Dong Beast and Nan Jiang scolded.

“Several people began to complain that the death squad was useless, and did not help them to delay time.”

“It was they who let the death squad act as a meat shield to help them escape, but instead they blamed them…”

“If those in the death squad heard this, it is estimated that they would cheat on the spot…”

It’s not worth it to die.

It’s a waste of money to die for this kind of person.

“””How to do how to do?”””

“Seeing that air wave was getting closer and closer, the four little dragons were frightened and stupefied.”

“The whole body was erected, and the blood was about to coagulate.”

“””We fought with him! We can still get a good reputation!”””

Western monks are very bloody.

“””Are you idiot? Can’t you fight him to kill you?”””

The others angered.

“””But we just ran away, what’s the difference with a deserter?”””

Xiaojun Shen also asked.

“””You are also a fool, do you want to die if you don’t run? What’s more, this matter has nothing to do with us! It is the master who expected that the Northern Devil is stronger than before, it is not our business!”””

“The little army god nodded: “”That’s true too!”””

“The moment the few people talked, the white wave of air gathered them for less than 10,000 meters.”

Definitely caught up within two minutes.

“””It’s over, it’s over, this time is over!”””

Several people were sweating coldly.

“””Can’t you escape death after all?”””

All four of them were desperate.

The white air wave is less than one kilometer.

Five hundred meters.

One hundred meters.

He caught up.

“Simply, the four of them stopped running.”

Waiting for death to come.

It’s just that everyone’s eyes are unwilling.

Just a few tens of seconds is as long as a century.

It’s really uncomfortable to wait for death.

“It?s just the past minute, but I still don?t see anyone…”

“””What’s the matter? What about the Northern Devil?”””


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