The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1494


Two minutes.

North Demon appeared.

five minutes.

The North Demon still didn’t appear.

Where did the Northern Demon go?

It was clearly a hundred meters away from them just now.

How could it suddenly disappear?

“””Why do you care so much? Run!”””

The four of them fleeing wildly.

“This time, the North Demon didn’t chase it again.”

The four completely escaped from the Tianshan base… mi.ÿc

Why did the North Demon disappear?

Do not.

He hasn’t disappeared.

He was just stopped by someone.

“When the Bei Mo saw that he was about to chase the four little dragons, there was one more person in front of him.”

“””Your opponent is me!”””

This person is Levi Garrison.

“The North Demon looked at him, and suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help saying: “”No wonder the Avengers never show up, it turns out it’s you!”””

“Levi Garrison smiled: “”It’s wrong, I killed them all.”””

“After Levi Garrison led a death squad of more than 30 people into the Tianshan base, he was not idle.”

In the fierce battle between the Four Little Dragons and the Northern Devil.

They eliminated all the Avengers masters who were ambushing on the other side.

Heilong is a cautious man.

“Even though he knew that the North Demon was extremely powerful, he still placed half of the core power of the Avengers around him.”

“Therefore, it took a lot of time for Levi Garrison to get rid of them.”

“After solving the problem, Levi Garrison hurriedly came to support.”

But it was still a step slower.

The death squad was overthrown…

He hurried to pursue the Northern Demon.

“””I thought the apprentices of those four old guys were the protagonist, but I didn’t expect you to be!”””

Bei Mo looked at Levi Garrison with interest.

“””You’re good young man, but can you stop me?”””

“The Northern Demon carried his hands on his back, a posture of the king over the world.”

“””How can I know if I don’t try?”””

Levi Garrison smiled.

“””Why do young people? It’s just to die for nothing!”””

“””I think you are good, give you a chance-follow me! It’s stupid to play for Erudia!”””

What makes people think is that the North Demon actually has the meaning of soliciting Levi Garrison.

“Levi Garrison sneered: “”Vision!”””

“””I, Jun Ye, come here as the one-word side by side king. All I have to do is protect this country and this land. How can I follow you?”””

“Bei Mo smiled: “”So it was you! Then I will cut off Erudia’s word side by side again, and see who else Erudia can stop me?”””

“””Stop talking nonsense, kill you!”””

“Levi Garrison moved, and a pair of iron fists blasted out.”

“Overwhelmingly, the power of Mount Tai blasted out.”

“Immediately, this desert area began to burst.”

“The soles of the feet collapsed, and a hole was opened, which continued to spread.”

One hundred meters.


Ten miles.

Hundreds of miles.

The dust is all over the sky.

“There were tornado storms all around, rushing straight into the sky, covering the sky and the earth.”

This scene is even more terrifying than the sandstorm in the desert.

“The four little dragons who had escaped far away suddenly saw this scene, and several people were shocked.”

“””Could this be a sandstorm?”””

“””No, this is someone fighting!”””

The little army god took a breath.

“””Is it the North Demon?”””

“””It’s definitely him! North Moss caught up with him, it seems someone stopped him!”””

“””Who would this person be? Can he stop the North Demon? Can he use such power?”””

“””Should we stop walking and take a closer look?”””

Several people stopped and watched silently.

In the middle of the battlefield.

“When the North Demon saw that Levi Garrison’s fists had such power, he was taken aback.”

“Then he laughed and said, “”Hahaha, good!”””

“At the same time, he made a one-handed move.”

Sand dust began to distance in front of him.

A wall was formed to block Levi Garrison’s fists.


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