The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1497


“””It’s not…”””

“The western monk wanted to tell the truth, but the little army god pulled him.”

“Xiao Jun Shen bit his head and admitted: “”Yes, it’s wrong! With the joint efforts of us and the death squad, we finally killed the North Demon!”””

“Dong Beast spit out a mouthful of blood, he sighed: “”It’s a pity that there are thousands of brothers in the death squad, and the whole army is destroyed. They are all good!”””

“””Yes, those brothers are all good! They have half the credit for killing the Northern Demon!”””

Nan Jiang looked very sorry.

“””Cough cough cough…”””

The little army god kept coughing up blood.

“””Finally everything is over, the Northern Devil is dead!”””

“The western monk’s words reached his throat, and he said abruptly, and swallowed his saliva.”

“In this way, the four little dragons took all the credit for killing the Northern Devil on themselves.ÿ”

“The moment the army arrived, I just saw a scene where the sky fell apart and the earth broke apart.”

“In addition, the four little dragons were all seriously injured, and the death squad was completely overthrown.”

No one would suspect that it was not made by the four little dragons!

“””No, I have a question, isn’t the combined attack technique used against the North Demon? How did you kill it?”””

Azure Dragon asked.

“””Are you questioning us? Who said it’s useful? Our master has studied the combined attack technique that has only been available for decades. How can it be used?”””

“””We are all fighting like this, are you still questioning us? We didn’t kill the Northern Devil, could it be that you killed it?”””

Several people in Dong Beast said angrily.


A few people in Azure Dragon are speechless.

“Indeed, to punish the Northern Demon, they could not find a second one except the four little dragons present.”

“Ray glared at Azure Dragon, “”Isn’t this obvious? They killed the Northern Demon!”””

“””The four of you are Erudia’s heroes, the country’s important ministers!!!”””

“””Please accept my admiration for you!”””

Ray bowed.

“””The hero of the country!!!”””

“””The hero of the country!!!”””

Everyone shouted.

Everyone looked at the four little dragons with hot eyes and admiration.

“The East Beast people thought this feeling was so wonderful, and they were admired by thousands of people.”

Isn’t that what they want to become the savior of Erudia?

The three of them raised their heads proudly and accepted all praise and reputation.

Only the western monk bowed his head embarrassedly.

He can’t use the achievements of others to achieve himself.

But there is no way…

“””I immediately told Messiah of this message and asked them to welcome our Erudia heroes back with the highest courtesy!”””

Ray and the others were also very excited.

“After all, the North Demon was eliminated.”

This is a good thing for everyone!

The Dongbeasts still yearned for it.

“Since then, they have been on the same footing.”

Maybe he will become the important minister of the country from an ordinary person.

Such as Feng Wang!

“””Hurry up and deal with the battlefield! Hurry up!”””

Ray and Terry went to deal with the next thing.

The western monk quickly brought a few people to the side.

“””Aren’t we doing this inappropriate?”””

Western monks didn’t want to be like this because of emotions and reasons.

“Dong Beast asked back: “”So what? Is it to be honest?”””

“””Say that the four of us were afraid of the Northern Devil, escaped before the battle, and betrayed the death squad, letting them take their lives to escape for us to delay time?”””

“After a few words, I asked the monk to live.”

“As long as the facts are told, I am afraid that the masters will not be able to spare them.”

Even the reputation of Erudia was stinky throughout.

“””Furthermore, any mysterious master has died with the Northern Devil, and no one knows that we did it! This is our only way!”””

“””Well, that’s all there is to it!”””

Western monks can only compromise.


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  1. WOWif we didnt know that was to happen . The story line is really getting me angry. Really a hero never gets a break the author just wants to go on and on. Drag it. Might just check in now and then to see if things change . Really it to much so disappointing . I know it’s a fairy tale but you to want some joy and justice some where. Here liers and cheaters keep being made star. 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. exactly….seems losing interest to read anymore….too much anti-leading character….seems highlighting the bad characters, the author shows that bad people always take control and bully the good one.

  2. It gets soooooo boring to see all the credits of Levi being snatched away by others everytime, it kinda sucks not to see a single moment when Levi identity and heroism being recognized😬😬😬😬😬

  3. My gosh again? When will Levi be happy? I began to hate this novel too much agony for the lead. And the wife , you make her die from stress…..I think I need to stop reading this novel….

  4. its getting boring. at this point I just want the stort to end. the author keeps recycling the scenes and trying to prolong the story. just give Levi the public glory he deserves and for fuck’s sake make Zoey leave her family and punish the black and lopez family

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