The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1498


“””Western monk, if you think so, we can be regarded as contributing!”””

“””The glory of slaying the North Demon is always something someone wants to take, why can’t it be us?”””

“””Next, as long as we deal with all those who know this matter, no one will know.”””

The eyes of the Dongbeasts shot out a wave of cold light.

Tianshan base.

“When the Northern Demon army saw the Northern Demon fall, these people were already unable to resist and surrendered one after another.”

“””Come here, take these prisoners away!”””

Most of them just witnessed the fall of the Northern Demon with their own eyes.

They are still sighing.

“””I really didn’t think that Erudia still has such a strong person?”””

The Northern Devil army sighed.ÿmi.ÿc

“””That is, Erudia Wulong’s apprentices are not called for nothing. They are the nemesis of the Northern Devil!”””

Ray subconsciously Tao.

The Northern Devil army was taken aback.

What does this have to do with the Four Little Dragons?

Aren’t they deserters who escaped?

He also used the death squad to destroy them as a wall of flesh to help them escape.

Kill the North Demon?

Less likely!

“””It’s not…”””

When the Northern Devil army was about to refute.

Four little dragons came to the court.

“The Northern Devil army also understood what was going on, and the four little dragons took the credit.”

What a shame!ÿ!ÿ!

“Dongju glanced at the captive who had surrendered and asked, “”What are you doing?”””

“””They surrendered, they are now prisoners, and they all want to take them home.”””

Terry replied.

“””No, kill! Kill all!!!”””

A flash of cold light flashed in Dong Beast’s eyes.

“””What? Kill it? No way!”””

Terry immediately refused.

“””They are the underlings of the North Devil, a group of brutal and bloodthirsty lunatics! What if they surrendered and suddenly counterattacked? How much loss would it cause? Do you know?”””

Nan Jiang questioned.


“Terry was asked, it is indeed possible.”

But Erudia never kills prisoners.

“””Bring it back to make a decision! After all, it will damage your reputation!”””

“It?s just that the Dong Beast people resolutely said: “”No, we must kill! You don’t kill, we kill!”””


“The four little dragons, except for the Western Monk, the other three immediately went forward.”

The unarmed captives were slaughtered.

“The captives still didn’t understand what was going on, so they were half killed.”

“””They must be afraid that we will reveal the truth and want to kill us!”””

The Northern Demons reacted.

It’s just too late.

“The East Beasts are too strong for them, unstoppable.”

“Soon, all the prisoners were killed by the three.”


Everyone exhaled deeply.

Everyone who knew the truth was dead.

Now everyone can only think that they got rid of the North Demon.

“Dong Beast came over and patted the West Monk on the shoulder: “”You have to be harder to do big things!”””

The western monk looked at everything in front of him incredulously.

Are they too cruel?

“Just for selfish desires, to cover up the truth.”

Killed so many prisoners.

“Not only him, Terry and Ray were dumbfounded.”

It was the first time they saw a prisoner killed.

The key four dragons is the identity of ordinary people.

They also have no way to manage.

No rules can restrict them.

These four people are too crazy.

Everyone faintly felt that something was wrong.

“But what was wrong in detail, I couldn’t tell.”

“””It is necessary to use extreme methods to deal with this kind of enemy, otherwise it is ourselves who will suffer. We also do this for the sake of Great Xia!”””

“””If you want to condemn, we endure it!”””

The Dongbeasts also pretended that they were willing to bear everything for Erudia.


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