The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1500


The thirty-eight people who followed Levi Garrison at the beginning also knew what was going on.

They are dead as long as they appear now.

Whether they tell the truth or not.

“What’s more, telling the truth is totally unbelievable.”

“People don’t speak lightly, and there are few people who listen to deserters.”

Now I can only hide and save my life…

“In this way, the story of the Northern Demon’s fall in the Tianshan base spread.”

Erudia is boiling.

The world burst.

Everyone thought that the Northern Devil would lose…

“Especially when the Avengers heard this message, they were dumbfounded.ÿ”

Will the North Devils lose?

Isn’t he three times stronger than before?

“What’s more, the masters around him are like clouds.”

The Black Dragon dispatched half of the core power of the Avengers.

“That’s it, still defeated?”

what happened?

Messiah burst into cheers from above and below.

“””The combined attack worked? It seems that our decades of time have not been wasted?”””

“””Let me just say, we are the people who know the North Devil best!”””

The four Erudia Five Dragons and the East Demon were very excited when they heard that the combined attack technique worked.

“””All prepare to meet our hero with the highest etiquette!”””

The Four Little Dragons succeeded in slaying the Northern Devil and became the supreme hero of the Great Summer.

Erudia cheered for them everywhere.

They are the pride of Erudia and the patron saint of Erudia.

The four have a sacred and inviolable status in the hearts of the Erudia people.

It is even higher than the word side by side king!

“After all, this is the biggest disaster Erudia has ever encountered.”

“Everyone can’t stop the North Demon, only they can do it!”

“From then on, they are heroes!”

Even the idols in the minds of many children…

They are respected by thousands of people…

The audience cheered when they heard the four little dragons leading the death squad to defeat the North Devil in the ancestral home of the Lopez family in North Hampton.

Zoey shed tears of excitement.

The Northern Devil is dead.

Then Levi Garrison will live!

“Tang Wansheng, Tang Mufeng and others were also very happy.”

Fame and good are theirs.

“But soon, the news came that the death squad had been overthrown.”

Zoey almost fainted with fright.

Tang Wansheng and Tang Mufeng were also very lucky.

“””Fortunately, I didn’t go! Otherwise it’s me who will die!”””

“When Zoey was desperate, suddenly a group of people ran in.”

“””Tang Mufeng, the clan of Western Shu, is a deserter! He is on the wanted list!”

“If there is any clue to him, report it immediately!ÿIf concealment is not reported, severe punishment will be imposed!ÿ”””


“Everyone was struck by lightning, and their brains buzzed.”


Levi Garrison was a deserter under the name of Tang Mufeng?

“””is this real?”””

Tang Wansheng asked incredulously.

“””Look at the list for yourself!”””

“””Thousands of brothers in the death squad are all good. In order to punish the Northern Demon, no one came back alive. But these thirty-nine people are a shame! They were deserters! A group of scumbags, bullshit!”””

After the group left.

Tang Wansheng and Tang Mufeng were furious.

“””Levi Garrison, you can’t die!”””

“””You f*cking go as a deserter under the name of Lao Tzu? Now all Erudia knows that my reputation for Tang Mufeng is completely stinking!”””

Tang Mufeng shouted.

“””Damn, I didn’t expect this kid to come like this again! I really want to kill him!”””

Tang Wansheng was murderous.

“””Levi Garrison was the god of war in   before, and he was a deserter? How ridiculous!”””

Meredith and others also criticized one by one.

Plum dyed her complexion a lot.

Levi Garrison is alive.

“In addition, she believed that Levi Garrison would not be a deserter.”


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