The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1504


        The western monk is now gradually blending into the other three.

        Since you can’t hide, you can only accept it.

        For peace of mind, he wants to get rid of everyone.

        Therefore, he is more careful than the other three.

        “Yeah, there is one missing person, none of us found out.”

        Only then did the other three react.

        “Actually tell you, that person is…”

        One of the members of the death squad, subconsciously wanted to tell the truth.

        He was quickly stopped by others: “Wrong! Just one person is missing!”

        “He is hiding in a place you can’t find. He has direct evidence! If we kill us, he will expose everything.”

        Only in this way can their lives be saved. mi. c

        “I don’t believe it! I still can’t kill you!”

        Dong Beast is about to start.

        “No way!”

        The western monk quickly blocked it.

        “His absence is always a hidden danger, so quickly check who this person is!”

        “Tang Mufeng, right? Let’s go to the gate of Xishu!”

        Soon, the four little dragons went to find Tang Mufeng.

        Tang Mufeng is now not in the West Shumen Clan, but hiding in a hidden place.

        But it was still found.

        Although the Western Shu gate valve wanted to stop it.

        But the four little dragons are not only powerful, but Erudia is behind them.

        Who dares to stop?

        The four captured Tang Mufeng.

        “It’s you who became a deserter!”

        Dong Beast sneered.

        “No…it’s not me…I’m Tang Mufeng wrong, but it’s not me who went to join the death squad, but Levi Garrison went for me! He became a deserter, it has 

nothing to do with me!”

        “Yeah, Levi Garrison went for my son. It has nothing to do with my son.”

        Tang Wansheng was also defending.

        “Do you think I can believe this? Take it away!!!”

        “If it doesn’t matter to you, why are you hiding?”

        Now for the Four Little Dragons, Tang Mufeng and the others are arguing.

        And I heard from Messiah that Levi Garrison was going to deal with the Avengers.

        Will he join the death squad for you?

        It’s ridiculous!

        The four forcibly took Tang Mufeng away.

        Halfway through, Dongju suddenly smiled grimly: “Go to hell!”

        “Don’t, don’t kill me!!!”

        Tang Mufeng wanted to say something, but Dong Beast didn’t give him a chance at all.


        With blood in his mouth, Tang Mufeng fell to the ground unwillingly.

        Tang Mufeng was killed.

        No one thought of this.

        They asked Levi Garrison to die for him, and wanted to sit back and collect his reputation.

        But the way of heaven has reincarnation, who has the heaven spared?

        After things changed, he died in the end.

        Don’t hurt people’s hearts, or you will be the one who is unlucky.


        The four little dragons breathed a long sigh of relief.

        Now all the trouble is gone.

        Killed at least the remaining thirty-eight people.

        No one in this world knows the truth.

        But at this moment, Levi Garrison came to the capital.

        This is what Messiah didn’t even think of.

        I thought Levi Garrison would disappear for a while.

        “Levi Garrison, you leave your job without authorization! All the top leaders of the Avengers fled Erudia! You have a major negligence of duty, are you 


        Senior Messiah questioned Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison nodded: “This is my negligence, I admit it! But…”

        “But what?”

        “But I rushed to the Tianshan base and wiped out half of the Avengers’ power, and even the North Demon!”

        “I, Levi Garrison, don’t ask for anything, the merits and demerits are equal!”

        The words came out.

        The court was silent for a long time.

        It took a full minute before the sound erupted.

        “Levi Garrison, are you crazy? You got rid of the Northern Devil? It’s obviously the four little dragons, okay?”


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