The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1505


        “Levi Garrison, you really let us down!”

        “We are Wan Wanwan thinking that you will come to grab the credit at this time!”

        “The tens of thousands of people we sent out witnessed the four little dragons killing the North Demon! But you said you killed it? Will we believe it?”

        “Levi Garrison has cultivated you for so long, and it has pushed you to sit side by side with the king! I really didn’t expect you to take credit for others!”


        In this regard, Messiah was very disappointed with Levi Garrison.

        Mainly it was a coincidence.

        All the factors created the “fact”-the four little dragons killed the Northern Demon.

        People have to believe.

        Especially now billions of people across Erudia regard the Four Little Dragons as heroes.

        You tell them that the Northern Devil was not killed by the four little dragons. ..

        It is estimated that everyone will be impatient.

        Not to mention them.

        Levi Garrison said that he killed the North Demon, which was tantamount to overthrowing everyone’s cognition.

        “Levi Garrison, let us tell you the truth, we are not sending you to deal with the Northern Devil. There is only one reason-because you are not the opponent 

of the Northern Devil, the four little dragons are here to deal with the Northern Devil with the combined attack technique.”


        In this regard, Levi Garrison could only sneer.

        The art of combined strikes has no effect on the Northern Devil!

        “One word side by side? We know that you are very powerful. The battle at Jiulong Mountain has made a lot of face for Erudia!”

        “But you don’t have to run to grab the credit of our apprentice at this time, right?”

        “May I ask what have you done? Did you play in the battle against the North Devil? Or was it bleeding and wounded?”

        “Everyone has witnessed the North Demon killed by our apprentice. Is this time to grab the credit? Is it possible that you are satisfied if all the credit 

is yours?”

        The four East Demon also stared at Levi Garrison.

        They are fighting injustices for their apprentices.

        “This time, the credit for killing the North Demon is really great, it can be said to be the best in nearly a hundred years, but you don’t have to grab it, 


        “What’s more, you have a major negligence, everyone in the Avengers ran away? Not only did not plead guilty, but also wanted to take credit!”

        “This is the first time we have seen such a young man! In vain, I used to think highly of you!”

        Facing the accusation, Levi Garrison could only smile.

        Soon, the four little dragons came here.

        After hearing the matter, the four were furious.

        “Levi Garrison, you are too shameless!”

        “You killed the North Demon? Do you want to be shameless?”

        “During the first battle of the Tianshan Base, we never saw you at all, okay?”

        The Dongbeasts were extremely angry.

        “Who said I was not here?”

        Levi Garrison smiled.


        The Dongbeasts were suddenly taken aback.

        Looking at each other, the same thought flashed in his mind: Isn’t he the mysterious person?

        But it’s impossible!

        The mysterious man has died with the Northern Devil.

        This is what they saw with their own eyes.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong.

        Even if he was dead, he was found now.

        But there is still no such thing.

        That means it’s really dead.

        It could never be Levi Garrison.

        “Extremely ridiculous!”

        “The North Demon was obviously killed by the four of us! Is it related to you?”

        “How can there be someone as shameless as you in this world?”

        The Dong Beast trio frantically accused Levi Garrison.

        Only the western monk made a sound.

        The shameless people are four of them, right?

        Not them.

        The western monk is really going against his psychology to accuse other people.

        He doesn’t have the face to dare to do these things.

        Levi Garrison smiled indifferently: “The Northern Demon was killed by you?”

        “Wrong, it’s us!”

        The three East Beasts immediately admitted.

        “Ho ho, fart, the Northern Devil is completely dead!”

        Levi Garrison said angrily.


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