The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1506


        Of course the North Demon was dead.

        And will wake up soon.

        After Levi Garrison came to the capital, he had already handed it over to professionals such as Qin Lao and amar.

        After inspection, the North Demon can wake up.

        The language is not surprising and endless.

        Levi Garrison said this.

        Everyone laughed.

        How could the North Demon be dead?

        Tens of thousands watched him die.

        This is not just what the Four Little Dragons said.

        This was seen by the remaining thirty-eight people of the death squad and the thousands of people under the command of the North Demon. 


        Otherwise, the North Demon’s men would not surrender.

        He surrendered only when he saw that the Northern Demon was dead.

        At this time, you said that the North Demon was dead?

        Who believes it!

        “Levi Garrison, Levi Garrison, the more you talk, the more outrageous you are!”

        “At first it was said that you killed the Northern Demon, but now it is said that the Northern Demon is dead, inconsistent! Do you want to lie and 

prepare the draft in advance?”

        “Yes! If you don’t get the credit, you will say that the North Demon is dead. Levi Garrison, you are really bad!”


        Everyone was happy.

        Including Western monks.

        He was still worried at first, and Levi Garrison would know something in case.

        Now it seems that Levi Garrison is purely here to grab the credit.

        Even Messiah was angry.

        “Levi Garrison, do you think we are stupid? Billions of people know that the Northern Demon is dead, but you say that the Northern Demon is alive! Didn’t 

you say that the Northern Demon was killed? Why did you say that he was dead?”

        Levi Garrison looked at everyone and said, “I didn’t say I killed him, but I just got rid of him!”

        “Well, well, since you got rid of the North Demon, then you tell me why we didn’t see you? Where are you?”

        The western monk asked.

        “Because in the death squad!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.

        “Death squad? Impossible! We know everyone in the death squad. I call everyone’s name. You can’t be in the death squad!”

        The western monk bit to death.

        “I went for someone!”

        “Who did you go for? Wouldn’t you say that you went for Tang Mufeng?”

        The western monk sneered.

        “It’s wrong, I went for Tang Mufeng! That person was me at the beginning, and I took thirty-nine people to part ways with you…”

        Levi Garrison told the original situation.

        Nan Jiang smiled and said: “I know so much!! What a pity, what a pity, Tang Mufeng didn’t have anyone to go for him at all, he did it himself!”

        “He also admitted to being a deserter, let us be beheaded!”

        “Levi Garrison is going to lie. The North Devil matter has nothing to do with you at all. No matter how much you say, it’s not believed.”

        “It’s wrong, the facts are in front of you, can you overthrow it?”

        Everyone looked at him like a fool.

        “Then you guys tell me why there was a scene where the combined attack technique was not effective against the Northern Demon in the first place? 

The Northern Demon also said that he was three times stronger than he was in the past?”

        Levi Garrison asked rhetorically.

        “This question is very simple! The North Devil uses it to bluff to frighten us!”

        “At that time, the combined attack technique had already produced a heavy blow to him, but he resisted it and didn’t show it.”

        “Understood? He was already at the end of the crossbow at the time. He died under the impact of the four of us and the death squad!”

        The explanation of the Four Little Dragons may not be perfect.

        But now billions of people in Erudia listen to them.

        What they say is true.

        No one doubted it, and no one believed Levi Garrison.

        “But the North Demon was clearly defeated by me. It has nothing to do with them. The four of them became deserters and killed everyone in the 

death squad!”

        Levi Garrison weakly defended.

        It’s just that everyone looked at him coldly.

        No one will listen.

        Levi Garrison was helpless.

        No one believed him.


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  1. Such a shame!!! The characters in this novel are all spineless!!! It’s so irritating!! How come messiah is acting so weird? Did he join hands with the blacks and the Lopez’s? I thought he knew Levi better !!

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