The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1507


        Now it can be said that the whole world does not believe him.

        No one will write to you.

        On the contrary, he has suffered a major dereliction of duty. It is another question whether he can keep his identity as a king.

        Levi Garrison didn’t have enough evidence to expose the Four Little Dragons.

        After all, Erudia gave the title of hero to the four little dragons.

        Exposing them is equivalent to overthrowing everyone.

        impossible things!

        “Levi Garrison, you say! Keep talking! Let me see what else you can say?”

        “Do you think someone will believe you?”

        Si Xiaolong looked at him with a smug expression.

        “Young people, it’s better to be down-to-earth, don’t think about grabbing credit or something.” 

        Xi Buddha also patted Levi Garrison on the shoulder.

        “Levi Garrison, we are so disappointed in you! We didn’t expect you to come to grab the credit!”

        “Okay, let’s not talk about this! Let’s ask you, we have ordered you to remove the Avengers, why are you not doing it? What are you doing?”

        Facing the question, Levi Garrison smiled: “Between the Avengers and the Northern Demon, I think the Northern Demon is even more threatening. So I 

went to the Tianshan base to deal with the Northern Demon.”

        Everyone: “…”.

        “Levi Garrison, you want to piss us off? Are you still talking about the North Demon at this time, you got rid of it?”

        “Obviously you are not doing things well and making major mistakes. But you still have to pretend to have done your best for Erudia! Also come to 

grab the credit of others!”


        Levi Garrison’s words angered everyone.

        “Excuse me, please keep your eyes open! If you think about the trickiness of this matter, you will doubt it.”

        “Get rid of the Northern Devil, I don’t want any reward or reputation from Levi Garrison, I just want to give me justice! That’s it!”

        Levi Garrison shouted at everyone.

        Messiah stared at Levi Garrison angrily: “Today is really a disappointing day!!!”

        “Levi Garrison, do you still realize your mistakes?”

        Levi Garrison sneered: “What’s wrong with me?”

        “Are you still wrong?”

        “Did you get rid of the Avengers?”

        Everyone questioned.

        “But I got rid of the more dangerous Northern Demon!”

        Levi Garrison looked at everyone frankly.


        Everyone was going to be mad at Levi Garrison.

        After talking for a long time, Levi Garrison still had the same rhetoric.

        “You are still so obsessed!!!”

        “Levi Garrison from now on, you can be confined! Think about whether you are wrong?”

        “When did you figure it out, and when will you come out again!”


        Levi Garrison smiled: “I will go to the confinement room! But it is impossible to figure it out! Because I was wrong!”

        “If Levi Garrison doesn’t reflect on what he is wrong, then you don’t have to be the king of words side by side! You will even be punished severely!”

        “Come here, quickly send Levi Garrison to the confinement room to make him sober!”

        Levi Garrison snorted: “It doesn’t matter!!!”

        In this way, Levi Garrison was sent to a hidden confinement room somewhere in the capital.

        There are only ten small rooms of square meters.

        The atmosphere is extremely depressing.

        The guard also persuaded: “Just let your mouth go. With your contribution to Erudia, as long as you admit that you have made a mistake, it won’t do 

anything to you.”

        Levi Garrison smiled and said, “Justice and easy-going! I’m wrong is wrong!”

        “I believe everything will be proved soon! Fake things can’t be real!”

        The others chuckled, “How is it possible? Everyone knows that the four little dragons killed the Northern Devil. What evidence do you use to 

overthrow them?”


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  1. Seriously, I’m totally pissed off with the character of Levi Garrison. He is a totally shit-head person. It will be good if he dies.

  2. Here we go again!! Dragging it out!! Levi is the bad guy!! Not feeling how this is making Levi look like a delusional person, smfh!!

  3. Now it’s going from an annoying novel in to a shit novel. A protector who is weak to protect his reputation. A king who ridiculed by scums and assholes. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Try to make it reasonable or u will lose the popularity of the novel.

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