The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1508


        Levi Garrison didn’t answer the conversation, so he closed his eyes and rested.

        His words are unbelievable.

        Why not say it!

        The guard outside the door took a look and then sighed: “Hey, it’s really worthless to hand over the position of the king by one word in order to be 


        After Levi Garrison was detained in a confinement room.

        Many people still received the message.

        The King of Beiliang, the Emperor of Xishu and others all knew about it.

        They naturally did not believe that Levi Garrison was a deserter.

        There must be a misunderstanding.

        In addition, they didn’t think that Tang Mufeng was killed.

        Tang Wansheng and others were extremely sad and angry!

        They blamed all this on Levi Garrison.

        If the Emperor Xi Shu hadn’t come forward, I’m afraid Tang Wansheng would have been dyed against Zoey.

        Tang Wansheng had already vowed to never die with Levi Garrison.

        The deserter was in charge of Levi Garrison, but it was his son who was punished.

        He can’t stand…

        “I heard that Levi Garrison was arrested! When he comes out, I will settle accounts with him!”


        At this time, the four little dragons had already begun to discuss the issue of one word side by side.

        According to Levi Garrison’s temperament, he would probably not admit his mistakes.

        When the time comes, the word side by side will be theirs.

        Together with the four Erudia Five Dragons and the East Demon, they are all respected and loved by thousands of people.

        Some people also suggested that the Dong Yao four should be designated as national teachers to cultivate more geniuses for Erudia.

        It is definitely a blessing for Erudia to have a little more heroes like the Four Little Dragons.

        For those thirty-eight people, the Dongbeasts originally wanted to kill them.

        But he was stopped by the western monk.

        He didn’t want to kill karma anymore.

        What’s more, I am not afraid now.

        After all, these people are in their control.

        And these people testify that they got rid of the Northern Devil.

        Because they have heard different sounds recently.

        Some people began to doubt the authenticity of the first battle at the Tianshan base, and even doubt whether the death squads were deserters…

        This made the four of them nervous.

        In order to dispel this suspicion, let the death squad testify.

        “Do you know why I keep you?”

        Dong Beast looked at everyone with a smile.

        When the four little dragons asked them to testify about the killing of the North Demon, the members of the death squad did not agree.

        “It’s okay if you don’t agree, but I can’t guarantee the safety of your family? Your child is three years old, so cute…

        Your parents are so old…and you…”

        “You must not die!!!”

        Everyone in the death squad had a handle, and finally had to testify for the four little dragons.

        This matter is basically concluded.

        The voice of doubt disappeared.

        Time passed day by day.

        Levi Garrison was still kept in the confinement room.

        He had no intention of admitting his mistakes and repenting.

        Even the guards have been offering food and water for several days.

        Levi Garrison is still the same.

        “What’s the matter? Is Levi Garrison still not aware of his mistake?”

        “Report, side by side, Wang Zhen has the slightest sign of remorse! Always insist that he is not at fault!”

        “Outrageous! Levi Garrison is on the bar?”

        “Okay, tell Levi Garrison! Give him three more days. If he still doesn’t admit his mistake, then he will be canceled.”


        Upon hearing this, the four little dragons smiled excitedly.

        If Levi Garrison is improper, the probability is theirs.

        The four East Demons touched their beards and nodded: “Well, yes, yes!”

        They very much hope to see the scene of the apprentice’s pros.

        Levi Garrison smiled contemptuously after hearing the notice.

        On the first day, Levi Garrison did not admit his mistake.

        The next day, Levi Garrison still did not admit his mistake.

        On the third day, the agreed time was up…


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