The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1509


        “One word side by side, this is your last chance! There are still two hours!”

        “I hope you will consider it carefully. This is about the identity of the king of the word side by side!”

        The guard at the door persuaded.

        “No, I’m not wrong, what’s wrong?”

        Levi Garrison said without opening his eyes.

        “Hey! Too stubborn!”

        Time goes by every minute and every second.

        It is equivalent to the countdown of the time when Levi Garrison was the king of the word side by side.

        The four little dragons and the big summer five dragons are also waiting anxiously…

        Soon they will be crowned king!

        At this time, it was located in a manor house in the capital.

        amar, the king of military doctors in the field, just left.

        There was a person lying on the bed in the bedroom.

        He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes flickering like lightning.

        “Am I still dead? Where am I?”

        He said coldly.

        He is the North Demon.

        He clearly remembered that before he lost consciousness, he and Levi Garrison were dead.

        Didn’t think that he was still alive.

        The Avengers must have saved themselves.

        “Levi Garrison didn’t think about it, I’m still alive…hahahaha…”

        The North Demon laughed wildly.

        Although he was seriously injured, he has recovered 60% to 70% under the treatment of amar and others.

        Due to the particularity of the Northern Devil’s cultivation technique, his strength and body are recovering at a speedy speed.

        It took him another two hours to recover to 80%.

        “I am in the capital???”

        After leaving here, the North Demon suddenly knew.

        The corners of his mouth lifted, revealing a weird smile.

        Don’t think about it, the North Devil is about to start.

        the other side.

        Four hours soon arrived.

        Levi Garrison finally did not admit his mistake.

        He insisted on his own statement.

        This made everyone extremely angry.

        “Cancel the identity of Levi Garrison’s side by side king!”

        “After seven days, a ceremony for the four little dragons to be crowned kings will be held, and the four will be side by side with the king!”

        “The East Demon Four were also named the Emperor Protector of the Country, and cultivated more talents for Erudia!”


        After the decision was made, the inside was shocked.

        However, the Four Little Dragons had a record of killing the Northern Devil, so people dared not accept it.

        After Levi Garrison heard this message, his face was not disturbed.

        For him, the word side by side king or Kunlun war god is a false name.

        He won’t care.

        The only thing angry is that the four little dragons deceived everyone by means.

        Let the truth be buried.

        But he was not in a hurry.

        There will be an answer soon.

        “As mentioned above, although you canceled your one-word side by side king! But you can still take the position of Kunlun War God! Your strength 

is still stronger than Chen Wudao and the others!”

        Faced with this situation, Levi Garrison just smiled.

        “no need!”

        “It seems to Levi Garrison that you still don’t realize your mistakes, go ahead and close the confinement room!”

        Levi Garrison continued to be detained.

        The Four Little Dragons have already begun to celebrate here.

        There was a large-scale celebration banquet.

        Messiah also sent a representative, and Erudia Wulong was also there.

        Some people in the know have already come to congratulate.

        The four little dragons were red and excited.

        Even western monks gradually accepted this identity.

        “I’m so ashamed to be a king!!!”

        “We are far from qualified!”

        The four little dragons looked humble.

        “How is it possible? Killing the North Demon is enough!”

        “Furthermore, you have passed Messiah’s inspection! They will not admit the wrong person!”

        “You are absolutely qualified to be a king!”

        Everyone touted.

        “Then I’ll be more respectful when I wait, and I’ll rely on you to take care of the queen after making a queen!”

        The celebration banquet was extremely hot and coveted.

        Suddenly someone ran in: “The big thing is not good, the North Demon has appeared…”


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