The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1510


        The language is not surprising and endless.

        The phrase “North Demon appeared” was like a thunder on the ground.

        Too shocking!


        Thunder roars exploded in everyone’s mind.

        The extraordinary celebration banquet, which was originally hot, suddenly became silent.

        Everyone stopped their actions at this moment, one by one, like a statue.





        The scene was full of the sound of cups and chopsticks falling to the ground.

        It can be seen how terrifying the word “North Demon” is.

        When everyone heard it, there was only fear.

        Especially under the current circumstances, the Northern Demon was clearly dead.

        The four little dragons had a celebration banquet for killing them, and they were about to be crowned kings.

        As a result, the North Demon appeared.

        The East Demon was dumbfounded.

        The Southern Emperor was dumbfounded.

        The four little dragons were dumbfounded.

        Everyone was stunned.

        Everyone looked at each other and stood silent.

        It took a full minute for someone to react one after another.


        “The Northern Devil is still alive???”

        The man nodded fiercely: “Yes, the Northern Devil is still alive! He’s back! It’s terrible!”


        The four Erudia Wulong Dongyao shouted in unison.

        “The North Demon has clearly been beheaded by our apprentice at the Tianshan base. How can it be alive?”

        “You guys are really nonsense! Tell me something that doesn’t exist!”

        The four little dragons who reacted also shouted angrily: “You spread rumors, be careful to punish you!”

        “The Northern Devil was killed by the four of us. Tens of thousands of people have witnessed it. How can it be alive?”

        “The Northern Devil can’t live! Don’t talk nonsense!”

        Although the four of them said so, there was a faint worry in their hearts.

        Their nerves are tense.

        What if it is true?

        Although they saw the North Demon and the mysterious master die together.

        But after searching for a long time, I still couldn’t see the bodies of two people.

        The quicksand may be buried, but such a covering search can even find the dead bird.

        Let alone two people…

        But they still killed the Northern Demon.

        “Are you talking nonsense? How could the North Demon appear?”

        “You are responsible for talking nonsense!”

        The high-level faces of several Yanlong Guards were exposed black, and asked dissatisfiedly.

        “No! I’m not talking nonsense!”

        “The third team of the wolf group discovered the Northern Demon and has already played against him. The entire army has been overthrown…”

        The man said firmly.

        “The most important thing is that the Northern Devil is in the capital at the moment…”

        The man added another sentence.


        “Has the wolf group and the North Demon encountered?”

        This is an extremely terrifying thing for Messiah.

        The Northern Devil is in the capital again…

        This is too scary, right?

        “Yes, there was a message from Team Three at the last minute…”

        For a while, Messiah was anxious like ants on a hot pot.


        As for the four little dragons, their faces were pale.

        Isn’t the North Devil really alive?

        The four East Demon immediately said, “Impossible! The Northern Demon has been killed by our four apprentices, how could it appear?”

        “You must be mistaken, don’t say it’s the North Demon until you have any definite information!”

        Several senior officials of Messiah looked at the four little dragons in uncertainty and asked; “You tell the truth, is the Northern Demon dead?”

        The senior officials of Messiah were unsure.

        Because at this moment they thought of Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison said that the North Demon was dead.

        “We do…”

        The western monk subconsciously wanted to say it, but was interrupted by the Eastern Demon: “It’s dead! The Northern Demon was killed by our own 

hands. How could we live?”

        They will not admit it until there is no conclusive evidence.


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  1. Messiah and others will come to know the truth.. but they will ask Levi to hide the lie of 4 little dragon for the sake of Erudia.

    1. Stop reading “The Protector”, this novel is shitty. I advise you to read “King of Kings” instead. No bullshit, just pure entertainment.

  2. Rameswar kaity

    Dear admin, post the coming up chapters immediately now,.. It is only 10 chapters till now today. So kindly post them.

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      The truth should also come our
      No need of playing around it
      The unfairness is getting to me
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  5. This is an awesome story but everything is becoming repetitive and the fact that the author modernized part of the book but not all of it bugs me. Like how in the beginning they are following the battle then for some reason they can’t follow along once the fighting started like the video screen went out. Either explain how the world could witness everything remotely or leave everyone in the dark. Also how many times can the blacks and Lopez’s use Levi and not expected to get burned.

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