The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1511


        What’s more, in their opinion, the Northern Devil cannot live.

        They watched their deaths with their own eyes.

        And to appear near the Tianshan base in the north.

        It is impossible to appear in the capital all at once.

        “I think it’s probably a strong man in the Avengers, or a member of the Northern Devil. He came to avenge the Northern Devil!”

        The western monk analyzed a result.

        Everyone thinks this result is very convincing.

        This is probably the case!

        “En, I think so too! Hurry up and send all the power to verify who it is? If you avenge the Northern Devil, you will resolutely fight it all!”

        Messiah’s senior officials directly ordered.

        All the forces were sent out, and the search began within the capital.

        The four little dragons took the initiative to ask: “Once it is found, we will notify us immediately and we will take care of this matter! If this person is 

not removed, we will not be able to sleep!”

        “You four really have the demeanor of a general! We don’t see the wrong person!”

        Everyone looked at the four with admiration.

        At this moment, in the confinement room, Levi Garrison was still closing his eyes and resting.

        amar came to see him at this time.

        “Boss, he’s awake, I can’t control it! It’s likely something happened!”

        The ancient style naturally refers to the North Demon.

        Levi Garrison opened his eyes suddenly: “He wakes up so fast?”

        “He has a special physique, and another cultivation technique is also special, so he recovers quickly!”

        amar answered.

        “Come here, let me go out! The Northern Devil has appeared, or if you don’t stop him, there may be casualties!”

        Levi Garrison shouted.

        Although he was wronged, he still needs to be sensible in the face of justice.

        Can’t be emotional.

        “No! There are rules, you can’t go out!”

        “Unless you admit that you are wrong! Only if you have enough reflection can you be released.”

        Levi Garrison said helplessly: “Now the Northern Devil is about to appear, are you still in the mood to consider this?”

        “Don’t say anything else, even if the North Demon appears, it won’t be your turn to deal with it. Aren’t there four little dragons? They are enough!”

        “You should honestly reflect on your fault!”


        Levi Garrison sighed.

        Back to the original position.

        This person, it’s hard to look back at one thing.

        Unless you hit the wall!

        Now all Erudia doesn’t approve of him.

        He has done what he should do.

        Have a clear conscience.

        Since the four little dragons can kill the North Demon, let them kill one of them, right?

        amar also sighed helplessly and left.

        At this moment, Messiah had sent a large number of forces to investigate the North Demon.

        The East Demon saw the embarrassment of the four little dragons.

        I couldn’t help but comforted: “It’s troublesome, anyway, the Northern Demon was killed by you, this time it is his gangster who appeared. Isn’t it a 

piece of cake for you to kill him?”


        The three teams of the Messiahlong Formation are searching near the Ye Clan in the capital.

        Suddenly I saw someone in front of me.

        When the North Demon’s face was clearly seen, the three teams were going crazy.

        “The Northern Demon… is really the Northern Demon!”

        “How can you live?”

        Everyone was surprised.

        The North Demon sneered: “Did I ever say that I was dead?”

        “Go back and inform everyone in Erudia! I am the North Demon back! I will kill one person through Erudia, and see who can stop me? I will turn the 

capital into a purgatory on earth!”

        The North Demon sneered.

        The three teams of the Dragon Group dared not wait any longer, and ran away like crazy.

        Messiah and the four little dragons are waiting for information.

        The three teams of the dragon group ran up, all lying on the ground in fright.

        “It’s the Northern Demon! It’s the Northern Demon! He wants to turn the capital into hell!”


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