The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1512



        a bolt from the blue!

        This time it was truly certain that the North Demon had appeared.

        This time it was the official confirmation of Messiah.

        The Northern Devil is alive and still in the capital.

        To provoke them, to kill Erudia, the first location is the capital.

        “Impossible, sure it’s the Northern Devil, not its partisan?”

        Erudia Wulong still didn’t believe this fact.

        “Messiah repeatedly confirmed that it is the Northern Demon!!!”

        Everyone looked at the four little dragons again, and Erudia Wulong also looked over.

        The four of them became more and more anxious. 

        Especially the western monk kept his head down and his body was trembling slightly.

        The four were extremely nervous.

        Why didn’t you think that the North Demon was actually alive?


        Didn’t you die together?

        He is still dead, too scary, right?

        “Let’s talk about it? What’s the matter? Why is the Northern Demon dead?”

        “Are you always lying to us?”

        Messiah everyone began to doubt the four little dragons.

        “Yes, if there are other secrets, tell them!”

        The four East Demon also realized that something was wrong.

        “The North Demon is dead. We watched him die. But his body was trapped in quicksand, and we didn’t care too much. We didn’t think he was still 


        Xiaojun Shen and Dong Beast explained.

        “Hey, in fact, they can’t be blamed. The North Demon has practiced evil ways since he was a child. It is not a strange thing that he is alive.”

        “But it doesn’t matter if he is alive. My apprentices killed him once, can’t I kill him a second time? This time, he completely destroyed his body. How 

do I see him live?”

        Nandi, Xifo, and the Chinese army are also full of confidence: “Yes, our apprentice can beat him the first time, and also beat him the second time.”

        “The four of you are going to prepare, and kill him in the capital? Just let us see!”

        This time even Messiah showed confidence.

        There is no sense of rush and anxiety just now.


        But the four little dragons were dumbfounded.

        Let them kill the North Demon again?

        Just kidding!

        They were deserters at all, afraid of the Northern Demon to the extreme.

        He didn’t even have the courage to look at the North Demon.

        Want to kill him?

        How can it be?

        They did not kill the Northern Devil once.

        Their combined attack technique is completely useless against the Northern Demon.

        They all had to run when they saw the North Demon.

        If it were not for thousands of death squads, they would not be alive.

        “What’s wrong? Your complexion looks ugly!”

        Someone discovered the anomaly of the four of them.

        “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it just feels so troublesome, the North Demon can’t kill it!”

        Dong Yao wiped his cold sweat and said impatiently.

        “Don’t worry, this time in the capital, the masters are in charge, plus you, the Northern Demon will definitely die!”

        “En, let’s personally supervise the battle! Let’s go! If it’s late, the Northern Demons will slaughter the capital!”


        Just drive the ducks to the shelves.

        The four little dragons were pushed to the forefront to punish the Northern Demon.

        The four were extremely reluctant.

        But there is no way.

        Unless they admit what they did before.

        “North Demon, why do you want to live?”

        The Dongbeasts were about to cry.

        They are going to be kings.

        Such a change happened unexpectedly.

        The four little dragons can’t hide at all.

        It is not just the high-level Messiah who has to personally supervise the battle, but also the four Erudia Five Dragons.

        Even the Yanlong Guard released a message-the four little dragons are going to get rid of the Northern Demon again.

        All of Beijing, all of Erudia knows about it.

        Thousands of people’s eyes focused on this.

        Unlike the Tianshan base, the first battle in the capital is now transparent.


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