The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1513


        Almost everyone can know the details they want to know.

        This means that the four little dragons must fight with all their strength.

        Deserters are not considered.

        Means are even more useless.

        Thoroughly show everyone the true strength.

        This is the deadliest for the four little dragons…


        I really want to cry!

        At this moment, with the appearance of the North Devil, the eyes of Erudia and the whole world are focused on this.

        “Haha, what if the Northern Devil is still alive? My Erudia’s four little dragons will just kill him again!”

        “Yes, that’s wrong! And this time we can clearly know how the four heroes killed the North Demon?” ..

        “We have to make up for our regrets! This battle will definitely make us unforgettable for life!”

        “The Four Little Dragons will shine in the world again!”


        People who support and love the Four Little Dragons are increasingly looking forward to it.

        Everyone wants to see with their own eyes how the four little dragons punish the Northern Devil.




        Colorful flags fluttered all over the capital and the banners were full.

        Everyone is cheering for the four little dragons.

        Looking forward to their performance!

        Erudia Wulong and Messiah are more confident.

        Only the four little dragons knew what was going on.

        On the pavilion in the heart of Jiangjunhu Lake in the capital, the North Demon waited alone.

        The masters sent by Messiah around Jiangjun Lake defended this place firmly.

        A bird will not be put in.

        Bei Mo sneered: “Come on, I hope you will send all the masters out, I will solve it all at once!”

        The North Devil has strong self-confidence.

        Because after the first battle with Levi Garrison, he summed up the battle and gained new inspiration for the combat power.

        The strength unexpectedly improved again.

        It is five times stronger than it was in the past.

        This is the most terrible.

        Like Levi Garrison, his strength will advance by leaps and bounds after experiencing a life and death battle.

        So this time I am the North Demon alone in the capital, so arrogantly emboldened.

        “It’s too late for the Northern Devil to surrender. You shouldn’t be in the capital!”

        “This is the safest place in  Erudia! What are you fighting against?”

        “There is still a way to survive in surrender, there is a dead end if you don’t surrender!”

        Everyone shouted coldly at the North Demon.

        The North Demon sneered.

        “Boom boom boom…”

        Suddenly Jiangjun Lake burst open.

        The lake water went upstream, churning and impacting all around.



        The lake water rushed around, and many people were injured on the shore.

        The North Devil is indeed strong!

        “Presumptuous! The Northern Devil can’t help you to run wild here!”

        With a cold cry, a large force arrived.

        The high-level Messiah sits in town, and Erudia Wulong is also nearby.

        The four little dragons walked slowly, but their body was stiff, and their legs were just like lead.

        “You four old immortals are here too!”

        The North Demon couldn’t help but sneer when he saw the four Dong Yao.

        “North Demon, today we are here to see how you failed and fell down!”

        “A few decades ago we could capture you! Now our apprentice can defeat you and kill you!”

        “You will eventually be defeated by us in your life and live in our shadow!”

        The East Demon were extremely confident.

        The North Demon smiled at this hohhhhh: “It’s a pity, you still don’t understand me. Who can stop me now?”

        “That person is no longer there, I am already invincible in the world!”

        “Huh, what are you arrogant about North Demon?”

        “Today, I will kill you in front of Quan Erudia!”

        Messiah shouted.

        The North Demon smiled: “Oh? Kill me? I want to see who you send to kill me?”

        “Of course it is the four little dragons who killed you once!”

        Everyone pushed the four little dragons to the forefront…


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