The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1515


At this time they are not so firm anymore.

        The appearance of the Four Little Dragons and the North Devil’s words are absolutely problematic.

        They even thought of one person-Levi Garrison.

        What is going on here?

        The North Devil laughed and said, “Didn’t they beat me once? Then kill me again!”

        “Okay, let you be convinced to lose!”

        The four East Demon still have confidence in their apprentices.

        They have to speak with facts!

        The apprentices who do not see in person will never admit that they are weak.

        Not to mention thinking of their apprentices lying and deserting.

        The four little dragons are really going to cry.

        They really didn’t dare to fight the North Demon again.

        Don’t have the courage!

        “But they dare not! They are afraid of me, they dare not even look at me, let alone kill me.”

        The corners of the North Devil’s lips smiled deeper.

        “Quick! What are you doing? Quickly kill the North Demon and prove it for yourself!”

        Several people from the East Demon urged.

        It’s just that the four little dragons are slow to move.

        Instead, the sweat flowed more and more.

        “What’s the matter with you? Is it true that the North Demon said this?”

        “Hurry up and prove yourself! We believe that our own vision will not misunderstand people. You are the one who defeated the Northern Devil!”


        Hearing Messiah’s urging, Dong Beast couldn’t help it.

        “Are we telling the truth?”

        He was about to collapse and couldn’t help telling the truth.


        At this time, the western monk suddenly rushed out.

        His strong self-esteem makes him admit that everything is impossible.

        He would rather die…

        “let’s go!”

        The other three can only bite the bullet.

        Upon seeing this, the four Dong Yao finally smiled.

        “Most of the four of them were frightened by the North Demon who died and resurrected. In fact, their strength can crush the North Demon!”

        “The four of you directly killed the North Demon with a combined attack, to prove it for yourself!”

        “If you beat him once, you can beat him a second time.”


        When the entire Erudia people saw the four little dragons making another move, they were also very excited.

        After all, the four little dragons are heroes in everyone’s minds!

        “Combined attacking technique! Slaying Demon Combat Technique!”

        The four bit their heads and performed a combined attack.

        “Boom boom boom!!!”

        In an instant, the lake pavilion exploded directly.

        The water of Jiangjun Lake seemed to be transpiring.

        But the next second, everyone is going crazy.

        Because the North Devil easily resolved this trick.

        He has nothing to do!

        The art of combined attack has no effect on him!

        But everyone remembered the lie made up by the four little dragons, and immediately exclaimed: “The Northern Demon must be injured, he is holding 


        “Continue to attack! Continue to use the combined attack technique!”

        Hearing the urging, the four little dragons could only forcefully use the combined attack technique.

        “Humph! It’s me!”

        He snorted coldly, and an unrivaled air current erupted from his body.


        First, easily break open and close attacks.

        Immediately afterwards, they blasted the four people forward.





        The four little dragons vomited blood at the same time, and their bodies flew out.


        The North Devil let them fight for a long time, but he didn’t have any reaction.

        In turn, the four little dragons couldn’t even catch a trick of the North Devil!

        At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

        Stared at the four little dragons on the ground vomiting blood.

        its not right!

        Didn’t they defeat the North Devil?

        Why is it like this at this time?

        How weak are the four beings who are about to become kings side by side?

        Can’t even stop the momentum of the North Devil?

        Everyone seems to realize something…


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