The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1516



        It is too weak!

        The Northern Demons were still unable to contribute, and they fell.

        It’s really vulnerable!

        Anyone with a discerning eye can see it–the Four Little Dragons and the Northern Demon are not in the same rank.

        There is even a gap of seven or eight gears in the middle!

        At this moment, Erudia was silent.

        The people of Erudia who supported the four little dragons by more than one billion were silent and dumbfounded.

        Everyone’s faces were incredible.

        Isn’t this a dream?

        Hasn’t the god in their minds defeated the North Demon? mi. c

        Tens of thousands have witnessed the four little dragons killing the Northern Demon.

        Why is it so weak now?

        Can’t even the North Demon stop with a finger?


        Deeply puzzled!

        At this moment, Erudia Wulong and Messiah also thought the same way.

        They can’t figure out where the problem is?

        Could it be that someone else defeated the Northern Demons? Not the Four Little Dragons at all?

        The Northern Devil laughed mercilessly: “Look, this is the one who defeated me? Do you think it’s possible?”

        “Huh? What do you mean?”

        “Could it be that someone else defeated you?”

        The East Demon stared at the North Demon and asked.

        “Of course! What can your trash apprentice do to me? I can’t even stop me with a finger!”


        Hearing the North Demon’s personal answer, everyone’s brains were throbbing.

        Was it someone else who defeated the North Devil?

        What about the four little dragons?

        Suddenly, tens of thousands of people in the field looked at the four little dragons.

        In addition, billions of people in Erudia are beginning to doubt this.

        At this time, it was a fool who saw that something was wrong.

        This is true.

        The Four Little Dragons are not an opponent of the North Devil at all!

        In other words, you don’t even have the qualifications of your opponent!

        How did they kill the North Demon?

        The four little dragons lowered their heads one after another.

        The pain in the wound at the moment is nothing.

        They are completely exposed!

        Especially the self-esteem of the western monk is going to be shattered.

        Now, all Erudia and the whole world knew that they were lying, they were deserters, and they were still killing their compatriots.

        What a shame!

        He can’t afford to lose this person!


        The western monk suddenly screamed and charged towards the northern demon.


        The western monk looked crazy.


        The North Devil slapped it.

        The western monk vomited blood violently, and his body flew out.

        There was no movement after landing heavily.

        But the corners of his mouth rose up with a look of satisfaction.

        Obviously death was a relief for him.

        This way he doesn’t have to face all the embarrassing things that follow.


        The Eastern Beast trio also wanted the western monk to die directly.

        But they don’t have the courage.

        They are too scared of death.

        “The first one, and the three of you! Come on, don’t you want to kill me? Come on!”

        “If you don’t come, I can do it myself!”

        The North Demon shouted at the three Dong Beasts.

        The three of them were scared to death.

        He stepped back subconsciously, still exclaiming again and again.


        That is a kind of fear revealed in the bones!

        This surprised Erudia Wulong.

        How could their apprentice be like this?

        “What are you afraid of? Didn’t you defeat him? Can you look like a man!”

        “Like a western monk! Be brave to face it! What are you afraid of?”

        Several people in the East Demon scolded in dissatisfaction.

        Even if it is not as good.

        You have to face it too!

        How can it work like a tortoise?

        What’s more, you have defeated the North Devil.

        Are you afraid of this?

        “Yes! Didn’t you defeat the North Devil? What are you afraid of?”

        Messiah also urged.

        “Master is our fault! We are wrong!”

        “I tell you the truth!”



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